Actual Source | Shoplifters 8: New Type Design

Shoplifters is a bi-annual publication featuring the work of contemporary artists, photographers, designers, illustrators and many more. As a series, they don’t have a single identity; it’s size, paper, typography, and tone changes every time it’s published. Issue 8: NEW TYPE DESIGN features 100 typefaces by over 60 designers, an interview with Berton Hasebe, an excerpt from Facit AB–Z by Our Polite Society and an intro written by Kris Sowersby (founder of New Zealand’s Klim Type Foundry).

Sowersby describes in the introduction that “Producing a new typeface today is almost trivial – it can be done in a day. But making it feel new in the wider sense, making it feel currently relevant is the hard part”. Issue 8 highlights some brilliant new typefaces over its huge 600 pages that push the boundaries of today’s internet-based society, and show something truly fresh and innovative. The hefty publication is not the academic, traditional book as it may first appear; it presents an exciting array of typography and essays in a striking red and white colour palette. 

All 100 typefaces are presenting in alphabetical order, with a short description, list of styles, release date and a few pages of examples. The publication finishes with a Character Overview, and Index of all typefaces and type foundries. 

Published by independent publisher, brand and retail store, Actual Source collaborates with contemporary artists and designers, to release limited edition books, fonts, clothing, and objects. Issue 8: New Type Design is available now!