Due Collective: Grotta

Co-founded by Alessio Pompadura and Massimiliano Vitti, Due Collective is a graphic design collective working since late 2016 from Perugia, Italy. The duo design communication systems for commercial, cultural and artistic fields and focus on print, visual identity, editorial design and typography. Their new typeface, Grotta, is an irreverent, contemporary and neo-grotesk typeface with strong geometric accents and sharp contrasts in its form.

Grotta is characterised by tight apertures with an overall dynamic feeling. “It is our interpretation of the 21st-century Grotesk, exuberant, irruptive, and of course that winks at typefaces from the past such as Venus-Grotesk and Monotype Grotesque” state the duo behind the font’s design. Grotta is an authentic and original typeface that aims to represent the contemporary and the constant state of evolution we find ourselves in. 

The font is suitable for both display and text sizes and is provided with extended language support with a wide range of OpenType features and stylistic set. Available in 5 weights: Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold and Bold. 

Due Collective are planning on extending the family to include more weights, styles and languages. “We love strong contrasts, experiments, rules and sometimes we play by them” conclude Alessio and Massimiliano.