Due Studio’s New Jagged Serif Fonts: Decay White and Slack Light

Formed of Massimiliano Vitti and Alessio Pompadura, Due Studio are bringing a jagged, sharp edge to the modern serif fonts over at Type Department. Decay White and Slack Light are two new releases bringing a whole new level of expression to serif fonts, creating strong atmospheres in both display settings and longer texts.

Display of modern serif font, Decay White
Decay White
Display of modern serif font, Decay White set in all-caps
Decay White

Bordering between irrational aesthetics and rational function, Decay White is built on a contemporary interpretation of the Decadent Movement – toying with excess and using its deadly serifs to carve out its distinctive personality. The font mixes sinuous curves with sharp, excessive, eccentric serifs. With its slightly larger than usual x height, the flow between forms accentuates the gentle bodies of the glyphs to highlight their sharp edges, and coupled with some dramatic ligatures between multiple and single letters, the overall effect creates a rich contrast of atmospheres.

Modern serif font, Decay White 'K'
Decay White

Coming in one weight and two different serif cut styles alongside variable features allowing users to alter the angles of serifs, Decay White opens up a ton exciting ways to play with serif fonts. Bringing the same amount of flair, Slack Light makes a stunning companion to Decay – you can think of it as Decay‘s more playful, less serious sibling…

Modern serif font, Slack Light display
Slack Light
Modern serif font, Slack Light glyph display
Slack Light

Slack Light uses its modern serifs to create a tense elasticity between glyphs. With its tight apertures, stretching overbite on the two-story ‘a’ and battling serif angles, the letters stretch and tighten against each other to create a light, energetic buoyancy; introducing an addictive sense of movement to both titles and longer text. With deceptively classicist core shapes, Slack‘s alternates add a harsher, more angular feel. Boasting upwards of 500 glyphs and 3 stylistic sets, Slack is a widely versatile font designed to create a seamless blend between classical and edgy tones.

Modern serif font, Slack Light Ligature Display
Slack Light ligatures
Slack Light

We love these two fonts from Due Studio – they’re a great reminder of how much fun deceptively classic shapes can be when they’re crafted by the right hands. To see more about Decay White and Slack Light’s incredible features and to get your hands on these stunning new additions, head over to Type Department.