Eugene Tantsurin | Resist Sans Text + Display

Russian Type Designer Eugene Tantsurin has recently released two fonts through our online market Type Department; Resist Sans Text and Resist Sans Display. Both are minimal yet free-spirited, with their own unique senses of character. 

Resist Sans Display

Eugene is also a co-founder of Grotesky Yours foundry. Since gaining a Communication Arts degree from the University of Bangkok, Eugene has worked in freelance design more broadly, and in recent years has discovered a passion for typography.

As a body of work, Eugene notes that ‘Resist Sans is a free-spirited neo-grotesque that embodies both the innate desire for revolt and a tendency towards uniformity. While Resist Sans preserves the neat, minimalist look which is associated with neo-grotesques, it also accentuates the tentativeness of each letterform. The name, too, hints at the rebellious character of the typeface.’

Resist Sans Display

Filled with unusual subtleties and quirks, such as delicate ink-traps in the Text style, and slightly elongated ascenders and descenders in the Display, and with over 880 glyphs, Resist Sans is a vast and characterful family; supporting most European languages and featuring Extended Cyrillic. 

Varied and extensive, Resist Sans is definitely worth a closer look. Available on Type Department now.