Kinetic Type with Ana Sakač

Ana Sakač is a digital designer based in Zagreb, Croatia. She has been working for digital agency Bornfight for the past three and half years, and although the work she does there is mostly focused on web design and UI, typography is the core of every project. Her love for type design developed whilst she was studying at middle school; “I realised, wow, I really love to draw letters, look at them, create something with them”. Despite none of her colleagues having a similar interest, Ana’s passion remained consistent, and at college, she started her design career for real. “I’m in heaven when I’m browsing through type foundries searching for a typeface to kick-off art direction for a new website” explains the typographer.

Besides her day job, Ana conducts a variety of side projects, including A Bad Gateway, which she created in order to enhance her skills creating animation in After Effects, try out new typefaces and escape day to day stress and anxiety. 

All of her animation work begins in Sketch, where she experiments with different typefaces, layouts and sometimes creates a series of static screens that show the beginning, middle and end of the animation. She rarely uses Photoshop or Illustrator, instead preferring Sketch. From Sketch, she imports her work into After Effects where she begins to animate it. Getting lost in graphic design websites such as Awwwards and Pinterest on a daily basis, Ana collects inspiration and creates boards for her design work.

Having learnt everything she knows about animation from Skillshare and Youtube, Ana believes the hardest part of the creative process is the initiation of the project. “I remember the first time I opened After Effects. I was frustrated for days because I didn’t even know how to do the most simple things” she states on her learning process. Still learning and developing as she goes, it is this process of education and creating that keeps her happy.Check out more examples of her work here.