Relaate: A New Type Release by Alex Slobzheninov

Relaate is a multi-genre type family by Prague based designer Alex Slobzheninov (@slobzheninov), created alongside his work for type foundry Pangram Pangram and design agency &Walsh. Consisting of a group of fonts which share certain features, each typeface is much more independent and unique then one would expect. 

Each member of the Relaate family is an individual: elegant Serif, brutal Slab and quirky tall Grotesque. Every font treats the family characteristics in a different way, making it more natural and befitting for a different genre. This approach allows for a wide range of uses and adaptability within the group. The fonts are intended to be used together, independently, or in combination with others. Two fonts from the family may be completely different, but with common ground, they can work cohesively.

However, Relaate is not a workhorse, but quite the opposite; it is a specific type for specific projects. Its main use is headlines, posters, logotypes or other eye-catching display. Nevertheless, Relaate Serif also works surprisingly well as mid-sized body copy.

Alex’s innovative approach to the creation of a type family pushes the boundaries of type design. Relaate is still an in-progress project with new typefaces to be released as part of the entire font family very soon.