Parisian Type Foundry PizzaTypefaces

PizzaTypefaces was founded by graphic designers Luc Borho and Adrien Midzic. The duo both have a solid background in letter design after practising graffiti art during their college and high school years. Pizza Typefaces is a digital type foundry based in Paris solely delivering the duo’s type creations.

One of their latest type creations is Shrill. Their aim with this typeface was to find another way to make an ultra-thin font that plays with original and creative weight distribution, finished with a sharp edge. Shrill Thin offers a slightly different feel depending on its size, and the design simultaneously provides an aggressive, twisted, monospaced and soft flavour. In larger sizes, the font gives an impression of aggressiveness, due to its “Sharked” serifs.

The type has now developed as a variable font with two axes; weight and italic. Now also available in Cyrillic too, you can purchase the font from their website. The packages include all features, Latin, Cyrillic and variable font.

This year Luc and Adrien hope to continue to develop their own typefaces and will also invite their friends to publish on