Paying Direct Tribute to Dalmatia | Dalmata Bold Font

Dalmata Bold is an exquisitely unique and experimental display font from freelance graphic designer, Stefan Mader. 

Distilled into its abstract, ambiguous and charismatic presence is a conceptual undercurrent which toys with intersecting ideas surrounding aesthetics, language, history and culture. Paying direct tribute to Dalmatia – a Southern region of Croatia and the namesake of the typeface – the unusual forms of the glyphs reference the brutalist-style war memorials called Spomeniks which are ever-present in the region. 

‘The architecture usually appears strange, brutal, deterrent, but also playful, fragile and sensitive.’ The designer explains, ‘Dalmata picks up this contrast and makes use of these different stylistic elements and thereby acquires its very own, comical, but also cheerful character.’

Hypnotic and entrancing, Dalmata is drenched with juxtapositions; a visual expression of affection, positivity and optimism whilst bearing witness to a dark and difficult past. 

Coming with 170 glyphs, including 15 special characters and 14 ligatures, this font would work beautifully for titling and large typographic works, and is also suited to some mid-length texts. And lastly, ‘Feel free to stretch, squeeze and twist the characters,’ the designer adds, ‘to make it even more fun and to make (hopefully) the world a better place.’

View this font here, download the free demo version and purchase the full license.