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Explore 03 as it guides you through the world of graffiti from a typographic perspective, learn tips on how to create your first mural, what to charge, and how graffiti artists get inspired. Whilst issue 05 provides you with top-tier content from The Brand Identity centered around the role typography and type design play in the world of visual identity design and branding, including useful insights from industry professionals to help better your career.

The Value We Bring

We dedicate ourselves to the task of providing you with grounded pieces of advice from industry professionals to better your creative career, relatable content from designers at the beginner and advanced stages of their works, inspirational stories, and a fresh, unique perspective on the world of type and graphic design.

Cover Designs

For issue #05 we commissioned Utrecht-based graphic designer Daan Rietbergen.  He’s injected his reputably bold approach to typography topped with a stunning KMS701 Pristine White foiled finish by our production sponsor FoilCo. Issue #03 features a special fold-out cover, with artwork by Appear Offline. Merging two different typographic worlds, Appear Offline is forging a new style of typographic practice with his experimental typography and letterform exploration – giving a new lease of life to the traditional styles and core principles of graffiti and graphic design.

The fold-out section was added to evoke the idea of a ‘wall’ from which Appear Offline then drew his typographic piece on – similar to how a graffiti writer could create their work on a wall too.

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Printed in English, in the UK by Pressision Creative Print & Finishers

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