Swiss Typefaces | Type Life

First published in 2017, Type Life is a printed publication series that focuses on design, typography and lifestyle. Created by type design company Swiss Typefaces, the magazine is a highly visual publication, and instead of being packed with long texts, it is image-focused capturing your eye from afar with its vibrant visuals and fluorescent colours. Featuring photography, illustration, lettering, and exclusive previews of upcoming typefaces, Type Life is a “celebration of style and a wellspring of inspiration”. Each issue is devoted to a single theme, with a featured contributor, and created in collaboration with a selection of artists, illustrators and designers. The printing process of each issue is key; Offset printed in up to seven-spot Pantone colours including neon and metallics with each identity differing depending on the topics and featured guests.

Issue 3; Non-Swiss Typefaces We Like 1569–2018, is a compiled selection of Swiss Typefaces’ favourite fonts which they have licensed and used to design the magazine. The selection is representative of the diversity in type design, and their third issue gives an “illuminating overview of the current scene”. The finished publication includes text by Florian Hardwig of Fonts In Use and is visually enriched with works by lettering artist Julien Priez of boogypaper

The issue showcases 19 fonts from international foundries including; 29Letters, Adobe Type, Commercial Type, CSTM Fonts, Dinamo Typefaces, DSType, Extrabrut. Shop, Future Fonts, Hoefler & Co., Letters From Sweden, Linotype, Milieu Grotesque, Or Type, Production Type, Sharp Type,, The Enschedé Font Foundry, Typotheque, and Velvetyne Typefoundry.

Whilst the majority of the fonts included were released in recent years, they still take inspiration from a variety of sources of the past. The issue features blackletter, script, slab serif, sans serif, and many more. As Florian Hardwig points out in his introduction; “This – a stress on newness, historical references, and a vast stylistic plurality – reflects three major trends in today’s typography”. Hardwig identified recurring themes that are symptomatic of contemporary culture, such as highly conceptual projects and a quest for extreme aesthetics. However, there are also still functional fonts, but these have been designed to solve specific problems. 

Printed in a limited edition of 2,000, you can purchase your copy of the 40 page Type Life 3 publication from PHYSICAL. Swiss Typefaces will continue to take a look beyond their own work and celebrate contemporary type made by others through their printed publication, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for their next issue.