The Super Twins | BurnType

Based in New York, BurnType Foundry design high impact typefaces that successfully balance functionality with expression. The studio’s ethos or motto is that “type should be loud and language should be coarse”. After all, life is too short for more boring Fonts, and the new font duo; The Super Twins, Seventy and Eighty, two retro and science fiction inspired display typefaces, are certainly not that.

The Super Twins was crafted by Michael Bagnardi, Burn Type’s founder, as a futuristic love letter to sex and science fiction of the 1970s and 80s. The fonts are a truly unique revival of design nostalgia which create an incredibly striking impact. Inspired by the somewhat erotic and fantastical illustrations of Sorayama and Frazetta, and the aesthetic of cult movies Barbarella and Blade Runner, The Super Twins reflect “the past reimagined for the future”. 

The two high-performance display typefaces are characterised by ultra-sleek construction and razor-sharp details. Built on a single frame in all capitals, the font pair evokes the two decades of inspirational design. “Super 70 and 80 were birthed from a fleeting sexploration between a fem-bot and some coked-up space truckers in the year 2050” explains Bagnardi. 

Typical of BurnType fashion The Super Twins are big, loud, and unapologetically zipper-melting. The fonts take you to a sexy outer space.