Type Designer | Stefanie Vogl

Type designer Stefanie Vogl has been passionate about creating from a very young age. After attending art school she went on to study Communication Design at FH Würzburg-Schweinfurt. Here, she began her practice by focusing on illustration, later switching to journalism and photography. It was only in the very last semester that she started to experiment in the field of graphic design. After completing her bachelor’s degree, Stefanie worked at a small agency for two years. Whilst at the agency she began to dabble in freelancing, working for a variety of small private clients and different design studios. 

My passion for type design began two years ago when I was working on a poster campaign and couldn‘t find a typeface that matched the idea in my head” explains the designer. Stefanie began to create her own shapes and has not stopped working with type since. Selected achievements include the creation of a font for TUNICA magazine, becoming a featured type designer on themtyp.es, and designing a poster that featured her own font, Modal Regular, for Leonhard Laupichler’s NEW AESTHETIC book which was a collection of contemporary type design. The book and the poster were later exhibited at Artifact Milano.

Modal, one of her latest typefaces combines two opposite shapes; curvy and edgy. It was designed for Tunica’s 7th issue, Extended fantasy. Modal Mix is a playful font that experiments with the concept of typography in layouts. It allows for the use of two different styles in a singular type. The lowercase letters feature one style, and the uppercase letters another. In this way, one can easily mix both styles, or use them separately. After finishing the first font style, Modal Mix, Stefanie began to work on the Regular font style, Dyade, which combines the influence of both art nouveau and futurism.

Another recent type creation of Stefanie’s is Autark; a font that is based on an emotion. In german, ‘Autark’ can be defined as a person or organisation that is not influenced or controlled in any way by other people, events or things, or translated to English as ‘self-sufficient’. Autark has confident, well-balanced shapes, and can be used on its own or easily combined with other fonts. 

Although Stefanie is passionate about type design, illustration, editorial design, photography and campaigns, she concludes; “I don‘t restrict myself to these creative fields, it always depends on the project. I‘m always interested to try something”.