Magazine Subscriptions

How do they work?

How can I manage my subscription? 

Simply log into your customer account through the main menu and once you are in, click ‘subscriptions’. There you can update your shipping address, payment details and preview when your next payment will come out.  

How often will I receive new issues? 

Our magazine is bi-annual, this means we publish two issues per year. One in March/April and another in September/October. 

When will I receive each issue? 

Our fulfilment system processes orders in the order that they come in. To ensure that our current subscribers get their orders first*, we manually upload them to the system before any new orders come through for the latest issue.

* Depending on where you are in the world, will depend on how quickly you get your order. For example if you are a subscriber based in China, you may receive the latest issue after a subscriber who is based in the UK as its our local facility, and therefore takes less time to travel. 

Why is my subscription ‘On Hold’? 

There’s only one reason that can explain why your subscription is on hold, and that’s because your last payment for the next two issues has not gone through correctly. Check that your bank card hasn’t expired, and log into your customer account to double check the details of your subscription. If everything looks fine to you,  you can click the ‘Renew Now’ button underneath your subscription, it’ll create the order and our system will send you the next issue.

Annual Subscriptions — How does payment work?

Our subscription covers two issues per year. Let’s use an example:

If you sign up for an annual subscription in February 2022, you’ll receive the current issue (issue X, published in Oct 2021), then issue Y will be shipped to you in April 2022 as part of your subscription. When issue Z comes around in September 2022 (that same year) we’ll need to take the payment for the next two issues in order for you to receive them. We wouldn’t be able to send you issue Z without the payment being taken, but because it’s an annual subscription, your next payment wouldn’t be due until February 2023, and therefore arrive much later than everyone else. 

The best way around this is to log into your account and click ‘renew early’, that’ll tell our system that you’ve paid and the next issue will be sent shortly after. If at any point you wish to cancel your subscription, just let us know. Whilst the annual subscription is the cheapest way of securing our magazines, if this system doesn’t work for you, we advise the bi-annual subscription which charges every 6 months – but works out slightly more expensive over the year. 

Bi-annual Subscriptions — How does payment work?

Bi-annual subscription payments are charged every 6 months from the date of sign-up. This means there’s no need for an early renewal, you can sit back, let it role, and we’ll deliver the newest issue every 6 months.  


If you wish to cancel your subscription, log into your customer account and click ‘cancel’ under the correct subscription. This will send an automatic notification to our staff and we’ll take it from there. 


All orders come with an VAT invoice sent automatically after you’ve placed your order. Please make sure to type out your email address correctly. Please also check your spam/junk folder if it’s not in your main mailbox! You can also download them directly from your customer account. 

Order arrived damaged

On occasion, we find that orders can get damaged in transit, whilst we do our best to make sure the packaging is sturdy enough to avoid this, it does sometimes happen. But don’t worry, we’ll ship you another copy free of charge!

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