Top New Inspo Instagram: 365Typefaces

365T (@365typefaces) is a project born of 26-year-old Andrea Biggio, a Graphic Designer who lives and works in Milan. 365T came from the idea of building a real digital archive of contemporary typefaces produced by independent designers or avant-guard foundries.

Danzante Brando | Corradini Typeface | 365TChallenge

Every day, for 365 days, 365T posts on its IG page a different typeface, a finished work or a WIP, without considering popularity or feed quality which prevail generally in the most IG accounts on the distinctive qualities of specific posted works. Thanks to this specific strength, 365T has quickly become a cool exposure for type designers: driven by authenticity and generally, authors ask to be posted in order to increase their visibility. Therefore by highlighting some of the best type design projects that are not assessed in popularity, 365T is proposed as a tool, a tangible opportunity for job searches and positive collaborations.

Carolin Festa | 365TChallenge

What about 365T at the end of 365 days? The next horizon consists of becoming foundries’ brand partner and supporting typography events, but not limited to. 365T promises to root out fonts in IG, in closed-loop online systems which risk choking young talents. Type Design is considered something marginal from whom have a less sensitive critical eye, something that is inextricably linked to semantics’ sphere. However, a typeface can be an artwork (as proven by Leah Maldonado in Glyphworld) and it has to be known in all its possible applications by the audience. Type Design deserves to get out of a close aesthetic dimension, reserved for insiders, in order to appeal collective imagination. It has to be recognised in its art value and put out there.

Danzante Brando | Corradini Typeface
Giuseppe Tangaro | 365TChallenge

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