TYPEONE Magazine — Issue 06


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The Experimental Type Issue

Design culture today, to us, has never been more exciting. As we see innovation and developments happening across entire global markets, the type and design industry isn’t far behind in churning out design solutions that align with these changes. For issue 06, we turn our gaze to the topic of experimental type, an exciting realm that holds no bounds. Type design in the traditional sense, as a craft, can no longer be considered as a purely functional glyph set used to construct a writing system. Type has always to some degree been an important tool in any designers toolbox, however, these ‘type tools’ have expanded and multiplied dramatically, allowing its owner to express tones, feelings, cultures, creativity, and limitless possibilities all of which they can bend and mold to their will.

The features we’ve crafted for this issue identify exactly what some of these ’type tools’ can be and the cultural influences that are making significant impacts on the experimental type outputs of the industry.

The Value We Bring

With every issue, we dedicate ourselves to the task of providing you with grounded pieces of advice from industry professionals to better your creative career, relatable content from designers at all stages of their career journeys, inspirational stories, and a fresh, unique perspective on the world of graphic design and typography.

Cover Design

Issue six’s lettering has been designed by Pangram Pangram and Off Type Founder, Mat Desjardins, beautifully embracing its theme of Experimental Typography.


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