Universal Thirst Have Just Launched a New Indic-Focused Font Library

The six-year-old design studio unveiled the stunning new collection of Indic fonts via their beautifully designed new website.

Universal Thirst Have Just Launched a New Indic-Focused Font Library

Focused on expanding the design possibilities of Indic writing systems such as Devanagari, Tamil, Gujarati, Gurmukhi and Bangla, Universal Thirst’s new font library shines a light on the exciting landscape of Indic font design right now.

Set up in 2016 by founders Gunnar Vilhjálmsson and Kalapi Gajjar, Universal Thirst is a type foundry that specialises in Indic and Latin scripts. Headquartered in Reykjavik and Bangalore, it works with a team of type designers with extensive Indic and Latin font expertise, while their projects to date include collaborations with Google, Falcon Enamelware, The Gourmand, Icelandair, Frieze Art Fair and Dishoom, creating bespoke typefaces for a wide range of brands, companies and individuals. Now, through both experimental releases and functional, reliable branding, editorial and document fonts, they will provide expert typographic support to global brands and startups, either operating in South Asia already or expanding their business to the region.

The Universal Thirst font library is launching with five stunning font families, all available for license by individuals and companies.


Sarvatrik is a versatile multi-script typeface that offers language support across Bangla, Devanagari, Gurmukhi and Latin (plus more Indic scripts to follow). A practical choice, Sarvatrik performs well in both digital and print—large and small—without compromising on its friendly, open personality.


Ilai is a modern interpretation of 60s psychedelia. Its mission is to pull the design of Tamil fonts into new territory, drawing on the psychedelic type styles of the 1960s and 70s and reinterpreting them in a different form. It’s a variable typeface designed for subheadings, posters, and other display uses, including branding.

Universal Thirst Have Just Launched a New Indic-Focused Font Library


Named after the first interstellar object detected passing through our solar system, Oumuamua, Ouma is a typeface that combines both experimental and conventional letterforms. With a hint of monospaced melody, Ouma supports Latin and Devanagari scripts.


Seismic is an experimental variable typeface that takes the traditional Bengali script in a new direction. This modern interpretation of the script has purposefully irregular shapes that mimic the shivering movement of the ground during an earthquake. Originally designed for the Dhaka Art Summit, in partnership with Fraser Muggeridge Studio.


Based on a popular 20th-century style, Meursault is a graceful headline typeface with a few quirky twists. Echoing a design used widely in the early 20th century, born from the burgeoning Arts and Crafts movement, the typeface was originally designed for a food and culture magazine, The Gourmand, and has now been extended to 40 styles.

Alongside the new font library, Universal Thirst has also launched its own digital journal, The Universal Thirst Gazette. Exploring the cultural and creative design history of Indic type and typography, the journal will support and nourish brands and designers in accessing education about Indic languages and their typographic counterparts.

Discover the Universal Thirst font library and The Universal Thirst Gazette online now.