Base & Bloom | A Response to the Influx of Experimental, Contemporary Serif Typefaces

Conceptualised in response to the influx of experimental, contemporary serif typefaces, independent type foundry, Naum Type, present us with Base & Bloom. A compelling amalgamation of modern geometric sans serif and high-contrast flourish didone qualities, Base & Bloom is a starkly original take on the creative potential of the modern sans. 

Integral to the structural functionality of the glyphs is fascinating detailing and ornamentation. Rather than merely decorating the typeface with add-ons, Naum have entirely integrated this decoratively into the structural integrity of the letters – meaning that the design is incredibly well-crafted, and each flourish is deeply purposeful. 

In addition, the typeface is super-versatile, with up to 11 alternatives for each glyph, meaning its uses are malleable and inspiring – Base & Bloom is at once imbued with its own, distinctive character, whilst being adaptable to all kinds of visual narratives and possibilities. 

This display typeface would be perfect for album covers, packaging, visual identity, oversize typography and editorial design; and its many alternatives mean it can be crafted in a multiplicity of exciting directions. Supporting multiple languages and offering infinite combinations, Base & Bloom is a truly exciting addition to the world of the modern sans. 

To find out more, or to purchase Base & Bloom, click here.