METRIK: The New Bold Sans Serif

Based in Manchester, MyType Foundry are a digital type foundry with a diverse portfolio and, they are the creators of the newly released, Metrik. Designed with versatility in mind, this bold yet subtle grotesque was created to deliver a meticulously crafted and well constructed sans serif, to fit all manner of uses. 

Available in 5 different weights, Metrik can be tailored to a wide variety of purposes and provides a wide breadth of flexibility for the user. The grotesque has some humanist qualities and whilst it is minimal, simple and to the point, Metrik’s strengths lie within its substance, durability and timelessness. 

Rooted in Swiss tradition, Metrik evolves from swathes of cultural and historical aesthetic understandings and traditions, and yet it injects this history with its own, subtle individuality. 

With a total of 352 glyphs, including full punctuation, symbols, decimal digits and old-style figures, Metrik supports Basic Latin, Western European, Central European and South-Eastern European. Bold yet subtle and beautifully constructed, Metrik is familiar yet original, timeless yet versatile – and excellent value, too!

View this typeface here where you can also download a free demo version from the description + purchase the full license.