NEW: T1 Foundry’s Very Own Digital Home

You may have remembered our first font release, T1 Korium, in collaboration with type designer Valerio Monopoli (@morula_type) back in 2021. Well, now we’ve given it its very own digital space on the internet that it can call it’s home! T1 Foundry is our official type foundry, where we work with type designers to produce contemporary, high-quality fonts for designers and brands of all sizes, distributing fair and inclusive licenses that provide plenty of freedom and flexibility when using them in the real world.

To mark its launch, we’ve teamed up once again with type designer Valerio Monopoli (@morula_type) and 3D artist Serafim Mendes (@serafim.mendes) to produce bold new type specimens that better communicate T1 Korium’s typeface inspiration narrative and concept.

T1 Foundry

T1 Korium

T1 Korium is a powerful, contemporary sans serif font family of 5 separate cuts equipped with variable font technology. Packing a punch with its dynamic rhythm, beginning with the highly stressed Ss, definitive features, like the angular terminals on letters like Kk and Ss, were designed to merge at the same height to keep a consistent texture across long words while remaining bold and expressive. 

Like its namesake T1 Korium was inspired by corium, a deadly, lava-like material created in the core of a nuclear reactor during a meltdown incident. You can find its character set packed with symbols you would associate with a nuclear plant setting, like a complete set of way-finding arrows, the Atom, Biohazard, Radioactivity symbols, chemical signs, and more Unicode easter eggs.

T1 Foundry

Features: Guides

As freelancers, studios or agencies, we know that dealing with licensing can be the last thing you want to be doing when working on a creative project, but to get access to those typographic gems and make an impact with your work, you’ll need a license that gives you the right to use the font. Not to mention the (potential) complexities of commissioning bespoke typefaces, or requiring a customised font license to meet your client’s needs. 

To help remove these pains points for you, we’ve put together a series of useful guides that provide you with things like tips on best practices, how to efficiently get the result you want, and exactly what is involved in each request so you can better gage how long and costly different requests can be.*

*Coming in November 2022.

Whiskey Visual Identity Using T1 Korium

What Creatives Say

We’ve reached out to designers and studios who have already utilised T1 Foundry’s fonts in their commercial work to learn more about their experience using it.

An incredibly unique & unmissable typeface full of character and finesse, acting as a visual megaphone that can be incorporated into any project that strives to make as much noise as possible. Definitely, one of my favourite new typefaces to play with within my work.

– Carla Palette (@carla.palette)

We chose it for its punchiness and its thick, luscious curves. It works best with a short word/series of characters. We loved working with the chunkiness of T1 Korium. The weight of each letter contrasted with the slits gave it that extra chef’s kiss feel. Also, at the moment I’m a big fan of thick type that transforms any short word into a beautiful concrete block of letters. It takes up space really nicely and it is just really fun to play with.

– How&How (@how___studio)

99% OFF — The First 200x Licenses

To celebrate the creation of T1 Foundry’s new home, we’ve put together an IRRESISTIBLE offer that’ll allow the few who manage to secure it a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to using the T1 Korium in the real world.

We’ve made 200x inclusive, lifetime font licenses available for commercial use. Discounted from £2,000 to just £20 (99% OFF!).

But what does an inclusive lifetime license include, you ask? Hit the links below to hear more. 

T1 Foundry


T1 Foundry
99% Off Licenses
Type Designer: Valerio Monopolo
3D artist: Serafim Mendes