SédShop Knows Exactly What Designers Want, and Their Gallery of Mockups Proves It

Have you ever been on the lookout for professional, high-quality mockups for your latest project? Perhaps you’re a student looking to smarten up your portfolio. Or a freelancer aiming to jazz up their website. Or maybe, like us, you just love some excellent and good-quality mockups. 

SedShop Mockups

As a co-owner of Dare Studio, a Veszprém-based design practice, Fanni (Demecs) Zámbó knows the importance and value of beautifully presented work. To showcase her own projects with polished professionalism, she began creating her own high-quality mockups from scratch. “I’m a graphic designer by trade, but photography is my other passion,” she explains. “I always tried to mix the two, even back in University. So it was only natural to try and make create that’s not just mixing the two fields, but instead, something that can be useful for our own studio and maybe fellow creatives as well.”

After having created a few, Zámbó began to share her resources with fellow designers and the wider creative community by founding SédShop, an online mockup shop. “Our mockups are designed by creatives just like you, just for you,” she says. “We offer high-quality mockups to get your product or design looking its very best!” 

Every designer deserves great quality mockups, no matter their financial situation. With this in mind, SédShop offers some amazing deals on bundles, with something for every scenario – perfect for building or freshening up your portfolio, for instance. If you’re in need of a large selection, why not buy the whole shop? The Entire Shop bundle of over 100 photos can be yours for a fraction of the full price. Conversely, SédShop offers several mini-bundles, ideal for quick and small projects. “I think the bundle offers are super affordable and will be in the future as well,” Zámbó notes. “And I believe we offer exceptional quality in photos now, with great prices.” 

SédShop has all kinds of mockup images you could need, including the crowd favourites: posters and prints, book covers, and billboards. And most importantly, lots of screens! If a printed project calls for specific finishing techniques, a number of mockups include these as additional Printing Special features. Within their files, seven printing techniques are built into smart objects –  meaning you can add layers with seven customizable printing processes such as Transparent UV, Emboss, Deboss, Letterpress, Gold foil, Silver foil, and Holographic foil.

SedShop Mockups

By embracing a different visual direction each season, SédShop keeps its range of images fresh and interesting. Season 3, for example, focuses on strong shadows on raw, industrial backgrounds; gates and fences create a multitude of textures and patterns. With more of a sophisticated and subdued look, Season 4 places screens and posters against soft, moody interiors. Season 2 has a minimalist and functional style, opting for screens against neutral backdrops. And Season 1 is all about bright sunshine and high-contrast shadows. 

When it comes to deciding the style and location for each series, “it’s a creative process,” Zámbó tells us. “I have specific concepts that I want to achieve, often with exact images in my head.” In spite of this, she is always ready to embrace inspiration at any moment in time. “Sometimes traveling to a city, location inspires me,” she continues, “I love planning and executing an idea, but I have a special thrill when I just find an amazing location or interesting texture during sightseeing.”

SedShop Mockups

With four series available, and plenty more on the horizon, there’s no better time to check out their shop. Having recently invested in a new camera, the latest SédShop offerings are impeccably crisp, trumping the standard size of 4000x6000px /300dpi in the mockup scene. “Our newer releases are bigger,” Zámbó tells us, “with insane details, and they reach 5000x7500px and 5500x8250px.”

Follow Sedshop on social media or visit their website for the latest news and updates on future releases.  

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