Top 9 3D Type Artists to Watch in 2023

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3D digital design as a medium seems to be all the craze right now, and it’s no surprise either. With the technological advancements of design software, creating digital 3D effects has never been easier to access, not to mention the influences from AI, and Web3 that may be wielding some power here. It’s an exciting space, helmed by a talented wave of artists leading the comeback. Below you’ll find a curated selection of nine talented 3D artists who are producing inspiring and innovative typographic work.  

Khalid AlSaidni

Based in Gaza, Palestinian Territory, AlSaidni is a designer and lettering artist elegantly applying his 3D effects expertise to his native language, Arabic. “Observing the massive world of lettering art and inspired by the magnificent lettering artists community,” he reflects, “I took a mission to bring up some of that magic into our Arabic words and letters.”

As such, his practice centres on the possibilities of 3D type, with a keen focus on Arabic lettering. With his experimental approach, he brings an abundance of texture, colour, and bombastic energy to the swirling calligraphy forms. His current roster of type ranges from colourful letters reminiscent of pastries to a mix of industrial and neon type effects. “I’ve always been amazed by letters,” he says. “Lettering and calligraphy arts have always grabbed my attention, both Arabic and Latin characters interest me.”

 Visit his Behance to see more, and keep up with his latest posts on Instagram. 

Don Carrrlos

From the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, Carlos Oliveiras is a queer multidisciplinary brand designer, illustrator, and lettering artist whose work is rooted in equality; championing the underdogs; and expressing his passion for bold colours and shapes. Known in the creative field as Don Carrrlos, his works can be seen both online and offline – applied digitally, but also stamped on t-shirts, and even underwear. Better yet, as part of the 2022 Amazon Music Pride Campaign, Don Carrrlos had his 3D lettering and patterns displayed in Times Square, New York. 

“I like to think that I bring to life letters and illustrations fuller than life,” he tells us. “My expressive style is meant to be seen, but also felt.”

Follow his Instagram for more. 

Anna Dora

London-based Anna Dora defines herself as a “one-woman creative agency”. With an abundance of impressive clients including Jack Wills, Arcadia Group, Sony Entertainment, Hugo Boss and Viceland, she is something of a design powerhouse and spreads her magic across branding, strategy, and art direction. Her 3D graphics and bespoke typefaces are a particular treat to look through, where she enjoys introducing different effects like bubbles and holographic light to create mesmerising works. Her official webpage is a delight to browse, and guaranteed to bring plenty of inspiration! 

 Follow her Instagram to keep up with all her projects and new releases. 

Aryaman Munish

Aryaman Munish – aka Mun15h – is a young graphic designer from India focusing exclusively on typography and 3D production. Munish enjoys taking typography beyond the conventional norms and using the forms to communicate a feeling. For him, 3D software is to be used as a tool to take his creative mindset further, delivering work that he describes as “a representation of the extreme ends of myself,” and a reflection of his identity and character. 

Check out Mun15h’s webpage for further creations. And you can explore more of his skills on Instagram, where he often shares reels with 3D design tips. 

Christoph Gromer

As a creative outlet from his day job, designer and 3D artist Christoph Gromer explores the intersection of reality and abstraction. Based in Berlin, his 3D renders are a glossy spectacle of glass, crystalline, and iridescent effects. Sensing the potential of the Web-3 space, a few have been minted within an NFT collection called VOID, available on his Foundation page. He also shares side projects (hoodies and posters, for example) via his Linktr. On his Instagram highlight you can even download for free the wallpaper “smile”, an offshoot of his NFT “Roll”. 

Beatriz Lozano

Designer, creative technologist and educator Beatriz Lozano not only fills her work with energy and impact, but ensures future creatives do so too. Through her designs and creative coding, she investigates how typography can exist at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds, and shares her joyous creations via her webpage and Instagram. She’s recently shared her expertise in AR Type workshops and continues to teach interaction design at Parsons. Prior to this, she was a design director at Sunday Afternoon. A key focus of her work is to highlight important social issues – such as protecting abortion rights and empowering immigrant voters – through the power of visual communication.

Daniel Escudeiro

With a shiny ‘k’ on display on Adobe Illustrator’s splash screen, it’s likely you’ll be familiar with Daniel Escudeiro’s bespoke 3D type. His Bubble Type collection was part of the 36 days of type profile challenge, a challenge which saw Escudeiro optimise every tool available on Adobe Illustrator. In 2022, Daniel also made a custom G letter poster to illustrate 2022’s Swedish Gothenburg Half-Marathon, and the poster won the Latin American Design award in the same year. Based in Rio de Janeiro, Daniel is also the creative director at Yone, however his instagram account is home to all the fun independent 3D projects the designer gives life to. To follow more of Daniel’s content, and even see his free bubble type tutorial, go have fun browsing his Instagram page. Follow his Behance for more. 

Daniel Bornmann

Daniel Bornmann’s eclectic and experimental designs are a perfect reflection of the creative field he works in. A designer at Duat Agency – a modern media agency with a focus on sound, design and events – Bornmann blends 3D with traditional modernism to embody the sound and rhythm of their clients. Loud, expressive, and thoroughly enticing, the animated and static posters he creates take up the full space of the canvas – filling each nook with colour and texture. To see more of his work, follow him on Instagram

Hatthanan Thobna

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Hatthanan Thobna is a freelance designer with an eye for beautiful, ethereal type. His designs, characterised by metallic/chromatic effects and dreamlike landscapes, exude an otherworldly coolness, and have been featured on posters, tattoo designs, and Bring Me the Horizon merch. Thobna’s website is currently under construction, but his work is available to explore  on Behance and Instagram.

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Edited by Poppy Thaxter.