10 New Typefaces To Set Your Designs On Fire

We’ve got such juicy collection of new fonts and typefaces over at our curated marketplace, Type Department, so we thought we’d give you a roundup of our favourite latest additions. Guaranteed to jazz up your font library and generate some fresh sparks of inspiration, here’s our top 10 new releases…

Booty Bold Font

Booty Bold

Created by the incredible Berlin-based designer Nat Brown, Booty Bold is a slightly condensed sans serif font with bags of attitude. Inspired by regional American club music and its intense obsession with large derrières, Booty Bold is both nostalgic and futuristic. Flaunting its style best at larger sizes, this font is perfect for headlines, posters and impactful logotypes.

Hook Typeface


The latest font release from Philippines-based graphic designer Jo Malinis, Hook is an experimental display typeface inspired by the ‘hook’ of a song. Much like its namesake, Hook catches (and keeps) your attention though its small, repeating twists; which come in the form of confident hairpin bends and swerving joints. If you’re looking for an elegant font which is both delicate and self-assured, Hook’s the one.

Salford Sans Typeface

Salford Sans

A collaboration between Lewis McGuffie, Dave Williams and Elsa Baussier, Salford Sans arrives ready to speak to a lot of audiences. Equipped with eight weights covering four different scripts, this robust, functional and elegant condensed sans provides an update on a classic idea that works well all over the world!

Sandro Grottesco Typeface

Sandro Grottesco

This semi extended font family comes with three different weights (Light, Regular and Bold) all with marching italics. Designed with super high contrast between the mix of rigid and soft shapes, Sandro Grottesco gives of a playful, dynamic feel and equipped with Open Type features, Sandro Grottesco is one of many incredible fonts available from Supernulla Creative Studio.

Tenebras Typeface


A fresh new release from Doménico Barreto, Tenebras is a unique sans display typeface with all the elegance and ornate charm you’d expect from a sharp contemporary serif. A striking take on a modern uppercase sans, this font is inspired by Art Nouveau and Edda – a typeface from 1900 designed by Heinrich Heinz Heune. Tenebras works best for elegant titles, where its dynamic curves can shine through.

Urlop font family


Urlop is a wide new font family from by the amazing Font-Bud. Perfect for posters, headlines, covers, illustrations, websites, initials, blackmails, chronicles, signboards, poems (and pretty much everything in between), Urlop is a must-have. Equipped with 13 styles (13?!), this extensive font family will give you a huge range of options to explore a tons of flexibility to create striking combinations.

Kazimer Stencil Typeface


Kazimer is a bold new stencil display typeface designed by Hungarian graphic designer István Fazekas. Filled with robust shapes and a hint of the aesthetics and minimalism of the Russian avant-garde, this is a typeface to instantly grab your attention. With each character shining through as both as a glyph and as an abstract composition, Kazimer delivers both functionally and creatively.

Faust Typeface


A fresh experimental display typeface from Paris-based Graphic & Type Designer Bouk Ra, Faust is both elegant and contemporary, unusual and classic. Expressing the agony and corruption of Faust – a character from a German legend – the deformed serifs and wide alternates create a drastic, harsh rhythm, while the high stroke contrast preserves a classic, refined quality. We’re obsessed.

Belle De Mai Variable Typeface

Belle De Mai

Ok. So…Belle De Mai was already hot as hell, but this update is another level. Now coming with a whole new set of weights, Belle De Mai has become a more grown up, flexible version of itself. This variable display now comes with eight weights + italics, and we can’t get over how beautiful it is. The lighter weights feel more dainty and delicate with their tight, expressive tension while the heavier weights show off the typeface’s softer side.

Asfen variable typeface

Asfen Display

Lastly, we’re so stoked about the release of Asfen Display Variable! Asfen is the typeface taking shape through human-meets-machine cyborg glyphs, created by Ines Davodeau. Bound to bring a distinctive typographic voice in headlines and titling, Asfen is now a variable typeface, meaning its new possibilities are endless.