Pata Slab; The Brand New Font Ending The Year On A Hopeful Note

‘Pata Slab is the font we need at the end of 2020; no descenders and all upside’, say In-House International design studio. The studio’s six month old foundry is set to release the font later this week, calling it a ‘letter-based balm for the year that was’.

'Vibes' in Pata Slab display font

Designed by Alexander Wright in collaboration with Rodrigo Fuenzalida, we’re so excited to share this beautiful project with you. Pata Slab is the third display type release from the Austin, Texas-based studio. It’s a generous, energetic slab display font bringing some positive energy as the year draws to a close. ‘All characters grow upward from the baseline…because, c’mon, we could all use some uplifting vibes right now’, they say.

Pata Slab display font
Pata Slab display font

‘Named after a colloquialism for feet, Pata Slab features ultra-heavy slabs and contrasting hairline centres that rise from it’s chunky footprint’, the studio continue. The font’s generous curves and energetic contrasts bring instant attitude. Full of character, this font is assertive, bold and cheeky. ‘It’s more than a little sexy’, the studio add. 

Pata Slab display font tee

Pata Slab feels playfully retro and definitely succeeds on bringing a lighthearted feeling of hope and fun at the end of what’s been a pretty gloomy year for many. It’s features play into the concept of its good-vibes aesthetic, creating an unpairing bounce in the absence of descenders. All of the uppercase letters are built to fit inside the same square, meaning they’re exactly the same height and width, while the lower case alphabet, eñes, cedillas, punctuation, numbers and symbols all follow the same height restrictions.

Pata Slab display font

‘Despite all that confinement’, the studio add, ‘Pata sports standard-height terminals that connect seamlessly so there’s nearly endless options for modular ligatures. The upshot of all this meticulous awesomeness is that laying out, customizing and stacking text super simple’. Available later this week via YouWorkForThem and MyFonts in Opentype format (.otf) compatible with Mac and PC, Pata Slab is In-House Internationalstudio’s stunning way of ending the year on a hopeful note.