Newly released on Type Department, Trud Type is a multi-script typeface created by type designer, Ivan Tsanko (@ivantsankoo). 

Based in Kiev, Ukraine, Ivan works as a type, UX and graphic designer and has created a number of stunning, multi-script fonts in Cyrillic and Latin. ‘For me,’ Ivan says, ‘a font is like a system of meanings, carrying fundamental values in a modern graphic system.‘ As a UX designer, Ivan is influenced by the interrelations between humans and machines, such as mobile interfaces and applications.

Trud Type is a fascinating hybrid of a display typeface, which integrates some humanist qualities with those of sans, slabs and Didots. Its titled axis gives an energy and fluidity to the otherwise angular framework, whilst the stroke contrasts create a certain tactile softness within its boxy exterior.

Featuring 367 glyphs and supporting multiple languages, this typeface is a stunning addition from Ivan. Visit Type Department to find out more about Trud Type.