What You Need to Know About TYPEONE Magazine Issue 02

We bring you an artifact of our fast-moving, motion-filled kinetic typography culture, designed to transform the way you engage with printed matter. Focusing on kinetic (moving) type, Issue 02 speculates on the motion-filled design world of the present (and future), chatting with the top experts of our industry to find out what this exciting niche means for type and type designers, as well as the design industry across the board. And as always, all this is served up alongside a ton of grounded, useful industry advice, from your kinetic type and motion design favs.

Why Kinetic Type?

Kinetic (moving) type has seen an abundance of exponential growth in the last 50 years; with the possibilities of matching text and motion growing in direct correlation to the equally exponential, if not more so, developments in technology. Over time, this has created an entire new niche for type-lovers to explore: letterforms infused with motion. Now, with kinetic type having manifested itself a solid home in our design industry, in this second issue of TYPEONE magazine we explore the methods, the logic, and the creatives behind this exciting niche. Using QR code technology to translate static content to moving imagery, TYPEONE Issue 02 offers an innovative, expansive new way to engage with printed media.

Advocating for print-based media is very close to our hearts, however respecting the way our society interacts with content is also something we take very seriously. Whilst perhaps someone someday will create a real life version of The Daily Prophet newspaper from the Harry Potter films, there isn’t yet a technology that allows for moving images to be integrated with a piece of paper. So, in order to deliver kinetic content in all its motion-filled glory, we needed a method to merge analogue with digital in a simple, effective way.

TYPEONE Magazine — Issue 02

As part of our creative solution, we brought in the star of our ‘Idol’ section, Hamburg-based multidisciplinary designer Gydient (Giang Nguyen), to design a special lenticular cover to give the illusion of motion. Inside, QR code technology provides a portal to transform the static to the kinetic, bringing the spreads of the magazine to life in an interactive, immersive way. Whilst QR codes have been around for some time now—social media apps use them to allow you to follow people instantly, whilst brands use them to create custom experiences for consumers—we’ve used them here to bridge the gap between the analogue and the digital; between print and motion.

What’s Inside?

Designed with a bold approach to the inside page layout, boasting in-your-face type examples and explorative text, this magazine operates as a new, valuable source of creative information; sourcing and uplifting designers and publishing meaningful content to showcase what makes the type industry the exciting realm of creativity it is today. 

Culture & Innovation — In this issue, you will hear about Kiel Mutschelknaus‘ innovative method of creating kinetic type with code, investigating what code will mean for the future of our design culture; the story of the Animography’s hybrid approach to animated typefaces in the words of its founder, Jeroen Krielaars; uncover the ways brands are using kinetic type to elevate their storytelling; and join Aasawari Kulkarni to discuss the potential of variable fonts in the changing landscape of kinetic type for multi-scripts.

Interviews — We speak to established foundries, brands, studios, and collectives to find out about their approach to type, how they integrate it into their creative outputs, and how they believe this affects society. In this issue, we hear from motion design legends DIA and Studio Dumbar, who take us through the kinetic type world as they see it today, and share their well-informed pearls of wisdom.

Insights — In Insights, creative leaders kindly offer their expertise and expose their skillsets to share useful tips, tricks, and grounded advice. Aimed at those starting out, or simply those who’re simply wishing to gain more knowledge about a particular profession or skill, this is where we offer a direct scoop of practical advice. Inside Issue 02, we hear from Business Coach, Influencer & Writer Lilach Bullock about why kinetic content drives twice as much engagement (and how to harness that power), while kinetic typography star Mat Voyce breaks down the key steps to creating a fluid Instagram sticker for your client.

Spotlights — This section is stuffed full of stunning, inspirational designer profiles on those we feel need to be talked about; highlighting their stories and the amazing work they create. In this issue, we showcase the work of Indonesia-based Artist & Designer Naufalrel Pandu, London-based Motion Graphics Designer & Art Director Georgie Yiannoullou, Paris-based Interactive Graphic Designer Charlie Le Maignan, and marketing technology agency Byte’s Junior Designer Graziella Tamburro.

Idol — This section marks the end of each issue. Set at the back of the magazine, this piece features a single creative—an ‘Idol’, so to speak—who we feel is doing amazing things not just on a personal level, but on a wider level to help make our industry a better place to be in. Our Issue 02 Idol is 23-year-old queer Asian multidisciplinary designer, Gydient (Giang Nguyen), whose work in kinetic type is fuelled by understanding herself and her mind, harnessed to create impactful, powerful kinetic typography.

TYPEONE Magazine — Issue 02


Finally, on the back of every issue is a specially commissioned piece of writing relating to the wider issues identified within the sector that the particular issue is based around. Issue 02 features a call out for more variation in variable fonts to support native scripts, by Graphic Designer and Writer Aasawari Kulkarni

TYPEONE Magazine — Issue 02


Creative Direction — Amber Weaver
Lead Editor — Zoë Loring Murphy
Front Cover Design — Gydient
Back Cover ‘Letters’ Author — Aasawari Kulkarni
Graphic Designers — Alice Sherwin, Harry Bennet (Studio Ground Floor)
Editorial Contributors — Aasarwari Kulkarni, Jeroen Krielaars, Lilach Bullock, Harry Bennet, Zoë Loring Murphy
Print ProductionPressision Creative Print & Finishers
Published by — TYPE01 Ltd


Core Annual Sponsor — Indian Type Foundry 
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