In the World of F*ck Yeah Pepper

‘My name is Paulina but people call me Pepper’ is how Mexican Graphic Designer and creator of Fuck Yeah Pepper (@fuckyeahpepper) introduces herself. She quickly adds that’s she’s ‘a total typography geek’, too — which sounds great to us — explaining that she finds typography totally fascinating… ‘It’s like visual psychology’. Obsessed with typefaces even before she started college, Pepper tells us, ‘I don’t only read, I admire typefaces. I enjoy working with them. My favourite part on a project is the typography selection, I believe it says a lot about you as a designer’

Having worked in advertising, branding and in the music industry, Pepper’s also been running her own personal brand since 2017, alongside taking on freelance branding projects and creating original content. ‘I started Fuck Yeah Pepper as a need to exploit my passion for typography, pop culture, and life’, the designer tells us, ‘I basically needed to experiment and create stuff I knew I couldn’t do on a full-time job’. 

We’re big fans of Fuck Yeah Pepper. Taking a look over Pepper’s Instagram feed, you can see tonnes of fresh slogans and gorgeous lettering art which share powerful messages whilst appearing off the cuff, sharp, funny and always relevant. However, Pepper wanted to shared with us some details on a project she loves, but which she’s not been able to invest quite as much time in of late… 

The name of this project is Cinephile Designand it’san account dedicated to admiring the importance of graphic design in films. ‘I basically have a significant amount of files of typefaces, logos, packaging, etc. I have spotted in movies that I started to collect a long time ago’, Pepper explains. ‘And last year I thought about sharing it with geeks like me’. This is a really cool project in our eyes, as it creates a collated archive of some of the most ubiquitous logotypes around whilst highlighting some really amazing type form the film industry — it’s definitely great for gathering inspiration!

We also love the designer’s Katya piece. As Pepper articulates, ‘I’m a huge fan of drag and this is one of my favorite compositions. I have always loved the graphic design of Russian Constructivism, and I’ve used it here as inspiration for this poster of the best line from Read U Wrote U (RuPaul’s Drag Race). One of my goals is starting to create merch, and this piece would be definitely the first one’.

We couldn’t recommend following Pepper’s @fuckyeahpepper account enough. Not only for the incredible typographic content, but also for its humour and intelligence. And, if you’re a film fan, definitely check out Cinephile Design. Pepper — it’s been a pleasure!