New Serif Typeface by Graphic Designer Ethan Nakache | Talona

Talona is the lasted release from Ethan Nakache; creator of the incredible typefaces, Sprat and Structa.

The French Graphic and Type Designer graduates from ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels in 2019 and has since focussed on type design and editorial design and ‘creating and using type to produce efficient design.’

Talona combines traditional and modern inspirations to produce a display typeface. The main idea of ​​the design was to take a classic drawing from the Didot and apply an oblique contrast axis and long serifs. To take a relatively modern design and carry the influence of a traditional tool, the broad nib pen‘, the designer explains.

Through intuitively conducting research with the nib, the typeface began to take on a unique character and presented with details such as sharp-yet-asymmetrical serifs. Mainly designed for tilting and display purposes, Talona works pretty well in mid-sized body text, too.

To find out more about this new addition, check it out on Type Department.