Top 14 Graphic Designers That Should Be On Your Radar Right Now!

Yeah yeah, we know we didn’t really follow through with the early-in-the-year lists of what’s best to come, or what the promising talents are in the next 365. But hey, we took our sweet time to bring you 14 designers who you should definitely be on your radar right now.

Some have been introduced by TYPE01 before and some are new to us, but what matters is: grab your pencil (do we still do that?) and take notes on the following artists:

Swoop Nebula

Swoop Nebula is a graphic designer providing knowledge, tutorials, mentorship, and assets for other graphic designers. The designer has a page where you can be directed either to his Discord, meet his Patron memberships, a YouTube Channel full of informative and enlightening content; such as ‘Best practices for designing album cover art’, ‘Tips on how to master your graphic design style’, ‘How to make screen print texture in photoshop’, and much more. 

Besides that, he also has an asset shop called The Visual Pharmacy, a place where you will find mockups, graphic asset packs, diagrams, and loads of other products. See his Linktr to see all Swoop has to offer. 

Domantė Nalivaikaitė

Based in Amsterdam Netherlands, Domantė Nalivaikaitė is a multidisciplinary graphic designer, with a huge crush on type. Prior to that, she was working at Andstudio as a brand designer focused on the cultural sector, having her work featured on music venues and/or labels. “I have a huge crush not only on type but electronic music as well”, she tells us.

The designer contributes to loads of Studios with her creations. On Fonts In Use, you will find her work for Lizdo Sezono Atidarymas, using typography that brings together Salvaje Display (Coppers and Brasses), Jérémy Landes’ Digestive (Studio Triple), Berton Hasebe’s Druk Condensed X Super Italic (Commercial Type), and a yet unidentified serif typeface, Tongari.

The only way to contact the artist is via email, at See her Instagram page to keep up with the news. See more of her stunning work on her Behance page. 

Vocal Type TYPE01
Vocal Type TYPE01
Vocal Type

Vocal Type Font Foundry is an independent project set up by Tré Seals. Their main goal is to diversify design, bringing a little bit more culture through design and crafting typefaces. Currently, Vocal Type has 11 typefaces: Martin, Bayard, James, Eva, Ruben, Carrie, Marsha, The Neue Black, Ruby Du Bois, Spike, Tatsuro, and Harriet. 

Tré Seals was named an honoree to Forbes 30 under 30 in 2022. In his profile, he goes deep on how culture and design are tight. “One day, not soon after, I came across a record of the demographics of the graphic design industry, and for the life of me I can’t remember how, but I did. And when I discovered that only 3–3.5% of all practicing designers in America are Black, and ±85% White (depending on the source), a lot of things started making sense”, he explains on his website. 

Visit Vocal Type website to learn more about the typefaces and foundry. Head to their Instagram to keep up with what’s new. 

Jun Works TYPE01
Jun Works

Jun, who identifies himself as a graphic designer by Jun Works, is a creator from Seoul, KR currently based in New York. He worked at Character NY, Sagmeister & Walsh, 2 × 4, and FISK; he also received MFA in Graphic Design from the California Institute of the Arts, and a BFA in Visual Communication Design from Konkuk University. You can tag along with what he is up to on his Linktree page. See his Instagram profile for more, and check his website for feasible collaborations.

Victoria Englund TYPE01
Victoria Englund 

Victoria Englund is an independent designer in the field of type design, branding, and creativity. Based in  Stockholm, Sweden, she once told TYPE01, “I’ve taken some different turns before she found her own creative course”, she said. Victoria just transitioned to becoming an independent freelancer, after having a designer’s role at studio Bedow, also based in Stockholm.

Letters are definitely Victoria’s passion – thus, typography. Keep up with her work on her Instagram. See more of what she is constantly releasing on her webpage. Read her interview with us here.


人形鲤鱼JaneYu, a designer based in Beijing. Coming from a background in Environmental Design she is now dedicating herself to interdisciplinary study, especially in graphic design – and she strongly emphasizes creating typefaces. 

On her website, she describes herself as “persis[ing] for making herself a fresh and pure designer in a comprehensive context”. In the long run, she attempts to create aesthetics that form a world of her own. 人形鲤鱼JaneYu was awarded on CGDA2020 as a Finalist Award, bronze in International contemporary Youth Art Design Competition in 2021, and more. Check everything about her on her webpage. Follow both her Instagram and Behance for a good regular keep-up.

Nick Barclay

Nick Barclay is an Aussie designer who defines himself as a “renegade in the world of poster design” – which is ironic since his posters are a true portion of good art.  He is prolific and delightfully outspoken, the physical embodiment of his boldface posters that demand attention. “The perfect poster is simple, bold, and visually striking,” he says on his webpage. His love for posters – and a strong mix of typography on those – brought him to create the page where he talks a lot about Free bold-type event posters. In episode 17 (the last episode) of Narrated, designer Nick Barclay creates a glorious, type-heavy poster you can customize in Photoshop.

See more of his independent work on his Instagram page, and website as well. If you want to see his dedicated space for posters, check NBC Posters Instagram page

Siyana Studios TYPE01
Siyana Studios

Siyana Studios – as they refers to themselves – is a 20-year-old self-taught graphic designer based in Barcelona, Spain.

You can see their shop, and keep up with what is new on her Instagram. 

Adam; The Ill-ustrator

Adam, The ill-ustrator as he is known, is a graphic designer who focuses his work mostly on his passion projects, sef-love videos, and illustrations. His amazing typographic skills are applied to his regular reels with tips on typography, illustration, production on different platforms, and so on. 

His stand-out project at the moment is called ‘Nothin’ But Net’, and plans to re-mesh Basketball Nets across GTA. However amazing the project is, we love the typefaces he is using on them! See more about Adam himself on his Instagram page, where – we guarantee – the aesthetic self-love tips are enough, but you will find much more. See more about Remeshing Basketball Nets across the GTA on their Instagram profile, and/or the article “One man team on a mission to re-mesh Basketball Nets” piece on Global News.

Elliot Ulm

The young Aussie designer, Elliot Ulm,  produces amazing type-lead posters, but also tips and talks on his Youtube Channel. Though very famous for his typography posters. The designer admits on his Instagram it took its sweet time (2 years, according to himself), but now you can find his posters here.

Besides that, check his Andrey x Elliot Asset pack released early on. To directly contact him, try to connect on Instagram, or at

El Italiano.jpg

The designer is the definition of a reserved person and just has as a description: creative coding. Know as Italiano.jpg, his creative codings, along with the remarkable graphic design, dives into a lot in typography, resulting in distinctive pieces. To contact Italiano.jpg, send him a dm on the Instagram page.

Sander Sturing

Another remarkable digital creator, Sander Sturing is currently a Creative Coder at STUDIO DUMBAR/DEPT® – an international branding agency specializing in visual identity and motion. The digital coder produces a series of 3D-generated elastic super shapes and other series and works where type is definitely the star of the motion. 

At the moment you can find her 3D material on her Objkt page. Other than that, find Sander’s Instagram for more.

Ksawery Komputery

Ksawery Komputery is a creative coding artist. Graduate of the Graphic Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, PL. His diploma “Exhibition of Banners” (2015) received the Minister of Culture Award for “Best Diplomas of Polish Academies of Fine Arts”

His skills are applied to interactive installations, generative animations, music videos, and phygital sculptures. In his activities, he uses new technologies, programming, advertising media, and tv equipment, focusing mostly on the generative and net art field.

Meet more of Ksawery’s projects and disruptive narrative over his website, and on his Instagram page. 

Yehwan Song 송예환

송예환 (Yehwan Song) is a Korean web artist and designer who defines his work as”anti-friendly”, and even on her Instagram bio he writes “Seeking Uncomfort on The Comfortable Websites”. 

“I seek diverse independent websites and try to flip the general understandings of web design and subvert users’ behaviors. I focus on the discomfort and insecurity found in a Web hidden behind technological utopianism, immoderate comfort, fastness, and ease of use”, he describes himself on his webpage. 

Yehwan’s artwork focuses on virtual web spaces, physical installations, web tools, and user interfaces. Meet more of this mix of techniques on her webpage, as well as her Instagram. 

(Credits: the gif illustrating this piece on our homepage belongs to 송예환 (Yehwan Song as well)

And that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoy discovering these amazing talents as much as we did.