Type Posters’ Top 30 Studios, Designers + Projects for Type Inspiration

Type Posters is a platform featuring daily typographic posters and type inspiration. With their impeccable eye for design inspo, we decided to get in touch to find out their top 30 designers, studios and projects to look at to get your creative mind simmering. 

Helmo | @studiohelmo 

Helmo is the collaborative effort of Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez. The pair met in 1997 and, in 2007, they set up the studio together as a creative duo. The two’s cumulative creative languages means Helmo’s aesthetic is unique and distinctive, and the studio is dedicated to the belief that graphic design can, ‘if not alter lives — at least enrich contemporary visual culture.’ Their work is super varied and particularly stunning against the backdrop of cityscapes — definitely check them out!

Studio Feixen | @studiofeixen

Based in Lucerne, Switzerland, Studio Feixen is an independent design studio focussing on on creating visual concepts — and aside from that, focussing ‘specifically on nothing in particular.’ With a sharp, clean, contemporary aesthetic and an exquisite knack with colour palettes, their portfolio is characterised by a feeling of modern refinement, limited-yet-impactful colour palettes and innovative, shape-driven compositions. 

Alp Eren Tekin | @alperentenkinn 

Alp Eren Takin is a graphic designer currently working at the award-winning, Istanbul based studio, Fol. The designer’s poster and motion graphics project for Kadir Has University Cinema Club is particularly exciting. Entitled ‘Bağımsız Çarşamba’ (Independent Wesnesday) the project merges grainy, cinematic imagery and colour schemes with typographic moving image work to create these stunningly contemporary and inventive posters. 

Philippos Vassiliades | @pin_i_am

Based in Nicosia, Cyprus, Philippos Vassiliades is graphic designer currently working freelance. His work is ‘characterised by meticulous attention to detail and an unending passion and love for what he does.’ Both subtle and bold, this designer’s work is definitely worth our attention. 

Studio Nari | @studionari 

With a portfolio of clients including Selfridges, Apple Music, Somerset House and Barbican, Studio Nari is 100% up there with some of the best studio’s operating right now. Founded by Caterina Bianchini, their work is distinctive and refined; driven by a practice which ‘focuses on giving brands life, character and spirit, through artistic technique, conceptual thought and brand literature.’ 

And Atelier | @andatelier 

Based in Porto, And Atelier is the studio founded by João Araújo and Rita Huet. Working across many different areas in the cultural sector, the studio regularly collaborates with educational institutions, museums, publishers, galleries, curators and artists. Their design work emerges from an exploration of the peripheries between practices of design and architecture — and makes for some majorly compelling results. 

Neon Studio | @neonstudiobrno 

Based in Brno, Czech Republic, Type Posters particularly wanted to point out Neon Studio’s work for Brno Design Days 2019. Paired with a poster deists using Stabil by @kometa.xyz, the poster was created for the theme of ‘retail,’ and became an interactive piece when accompanied with typographic sticker designs by @milazmoravy and @lucy_horakova. Such an innovative and inspiring project!

Bráulio Amado | @braulioamado 

Originally from Portugal, Bráulio Amado is a Graphic Designer currently living and working in New York. After working as a designer at Pentagram NYC, he joined Bloomberg Businessweek as an Art Director and then moved to Wieden + Kennedy. In 2017, he started his own studio named Bad Studio and, as of 2018, he co-runs SSHH‘a mutant art space, classroom and store in the East Village of NYC.’ And his visual design portfolio is just as impressive as his work history — check it out. 

Cosmvs — José Torres | @cosmvsportorres@josecostatorres

Cosmvs, the design alter ego of José Torres, is an Independent Graphic and Art Direction Bureau focussing on detailed typographic work. Their work is intricately considered and meets heavy detailing with a sharp, contemporary edge. Uniquely combining a tactile feel and translating deep detail into the overwhelmingly minimalist feel of contemporary graphic design, Cosmvs is a super-exciting studio, creating for itself a stunningly original visual language — definitely take a closer look at Cosmvs. 

Barr | @barrparisat 

Founded in 2010, Barr is an independent graphic design studio based in Paris. The studio’s work centralises the integral use of type and a strong typographic sensibility to drive their compositions; and the result is always breathtaking. Taking influence from DIY visual culture alongside an innovative approach to visualising type, this studio is at the forefront of imagining future trends in type design and showcases some of the most exciting type-based work out there. 

Studio Lindhorst-Emme | @studio_lindhorst_emme

Focussing on graphic design and typography for books, posters and cultural institutions, Studio Lindhorst-Emme is an independent design studio based in Berlin. After training and working as a lithographer for 10 years, Sven Lindhorst-Emme founded the studio in 2011, and has since creates works for artistic and cultural purposes, such as photo books, artist’s catalogues, vinyl packaging and posters for exhibitions. The studio’s output is massive and features some beautiful poster and book designs in particular. 

Marta Puchala | @marta.puchala 

A Polish graphic designer based in London, Marta Puchala works with a focus on visual identities and print design for intonational brands and cultural institutions. Led with a strong typographic sensibility, her work is incredibly varied and unique – we recommend having a scroll through her projects page to get a taste for what she does. 

Daniel Weismann | @danielweismann 

Created for Berlin’s Markethalle Nuen, Type Posters particularly wanted to highlight this poster collection by Daniel Weismann. The Berlin-based graphic designer works on the development of visual identities, as well as design books and posters. Created with silk screen hand lettering, the posters overlay a minimal display sans, with painterly lettering which picks up on graffiti and street art; situating the posters beautifully within Berlin’s urban cityscape. 

Studio Odd Hyphen | @oddhyphen 

Founded by Bohuy Kim, a multidisciplinary graphic designer and media artist based in South Korea, Odd Hyphen is a studio which works within a wide scope of design facets and creating typography in Latin and Hangul scripts. Odd Hyphen’s compositions are drenched in super-bright, high contrast colours and feel aesthetically reminiscent of early internet days nostalgia. 

Felix Bareis 

Felix Bareis is a graphic designer based in Stuttgart, Germany, specialising on finding innovative ways to approach creating design solutions for a wide and varied client base. Primarily, he focuses on editorial, identity, research, print, typography and exhibition design. His poster designs use type in experimental and fascinating ways; often questioning areas of process in graphic and type design, such as experimenting with the use of grids in composing images. Inventive and experimental, we agree with Type Posters that this designer is one to keep on your radar. 

MNP Athens | @mnpathens 

MNP Athens, founded in Athens in 2003 by Katerina Papanagiotou, is a creative studio specialising in communication design, packaging design, website design and publishing. Made up of a team of 6 creatives, MNP functions on their differences and similarities alike, and is fuelled by a contemporary, liberated visual expression of Greek culture. 

Krystian Berlak | @br.lk

Poland-based graphic designer, Krystian Berlak, works predominantly in monochrome and features inky, textured visuals throughout his portfolio; reminiscent of analogue photography and printmaking, and usually contrasted with sharp typography — often minimal sans displays. His work strikes a stunning balance between feeling futuristic and tactile/craft-based. Definitely worth a closer look. 

Charles Quirouard | @charl.qfd 

French graphic designer, Charles Quirouard, uses a vast array of type throughout his design work. From fluid script and calligraphic styles, to modern serif displays and textural, super-size lettering pieces, his work is imbued with fierce originality. Perhaps one of the designer’s most stand-out qualities is his stunning use of colour – deeply pigmented and filled with dusty hues, contrasted with artificial, neon-bright colours. 

Onlab Studio | @onlabstudio 

Based in Geneva, Only studio is run by Vanja Golubović and Thibaud Tissot. Their graphic design and poster design work tends to be heavily shape-driven alongside a minimal, sensitive use of type. The posters featured below showcase a stunning, kaleidoscopic use of colour and a bold and graphic application of typography, which works to balance the out composition through the echoing of bold shapes. 

Olena Zhuravytska | @helena.olena.elena

Olena Zhuravytska is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Germany. Her lettering works and typography is super-inspiring; with a rich use of tone, mark making and colour, which all feel gently informed by her illustration practice. Intricate and original, her work is extremely inspiring for anyone looking to expand their ideas on typography and mark-making/tonal work. 

Aurane Loury X Clara Degay | @auraneloury X @claradgy 

This collaboration between designers, Aurane Loury and Clara Degay, features a series of typographic posters for German film director, Werner Herzog’s films. Their use of type in the posters is beautifully incorporated into the overall illustrative posters, and whilst minimal, entirely pulls these designs together. 

Attico36 | @attico36

Attico36 is a ‘Graphic Design Penthouse’ run by Italy-based freelance designer, Antonio D’Amore. The graphic designer creates work for clients within commercial and cultural fields, and focusses on brand identity, editorial and web design. These poster pieces are included in Attico36’s visual identity and print collaterals designed for Bazooka. 

Han Mano | @han.mano

Han Mano is a graphic designer, typographer and visual communicator with an eclectic portfolio of custom type, visual identity and poster designs for cultural events. Using Latin and Korean script, perhaps most compelling pieces are the designer’s stunning moving image typographic posters – definitely check those out!

Anna Kulachek | @kulachek

Anna Kulachek currently works as Art Director at the Russian education, research and design focussed, Strelka Institute. These beautiful posters feature a hypnotic juxtaposition of gentle colours, minimal, graphic shapes and spindly, grid-based type; which playfully dances across each composition. 

Lamm & Kirch | @lammkirch 

Lamm & Kirch is a graphic design studio based in Berlin/Leipzig focussing on design for books, visual identities and exhibitions; broadly within the cultural sector, and predominantly for print. As the studio note themselves, their approach is ‘defined by continuous cooperations in shifting constellations’, adding that the studio ‘functions as a research facility to explore various ways of visual language.’  This explorative perspective certainly shines through and enriches their visual output, which consists of lots of fascinating and original works. 

Maximilian Haslauer | @maximilian.haslauer

Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Maximilian Haslauer is a graphic designer and illustrator. His flyer design, Kunstbüro Programm I/2019, Program flyer, created for Kunstbüro BW, features bright blocks of colour with a contemporary sans display which sits comfortably and minimally in all-caps, and is filled with interesting quirks, such as the unusually angled ‘W and contrasting rounded shapes with slightly squared counter-forms. 

Degrau | @studiodegrau 

Founded by Ana Areias, João Castro, Raquel Rei and Tiago Campeã in 2017, Degrau is a design studio which develops content strategies and creative directions with clients including artists, editors, architects, designers and institutions, ‘driven by a mix of strategy and storytelling, tailored to the everyday.’ This poster design was created for Criatório 2017, an annual art contest in Porto which centralises themes of art and location/territory. Here, Degrau explored the idea of the Möbius Strip — a never ending looped surface — to explore the idea of ‘the relationship between infinite and finite, and of a twisted territory that forces itself in.’

The Birthdays Design | @the_birthdays_design

Athens-based design studio, The Birthdays Design, was founded by Konstantina Yiannakopoulou and George Strouzasin in 2013, with a focus on art direction and graphic design. Operating through an exploration of typographic systems and different ranges of applications, their work has been internationally recognised by magazines and awards. With both the members additionally undergoing academic research, the studios visuals are enriched by a rigorous theoretical undercurrent.

Fidel Peña | @fidelunderline

A graphic designer and co-founder of Toronto-based Underline Studio, Fidel Peña’s purposeful use of type within his work is both sparse and bold – stunningly composed and purposefully selected, this designer has an incredible knack for creating maximum impact through almost brutally selective compositions. We adore his work – you definitely need to taker a closer look if you’re not yet familiar!

Fons Hickmann M23 | @fons_hickmann_m23

Fons Hickmann M23 was founded in 2001 by Bjoern Wolf and Fons Hickmann and is based in Berlin. Focussing on the design of complex communication systems, the studio works mainly within the cultural field and ranks as one of the world’s most awarded design studios of today. Lending itself to a wide range of areas, not least relating to events, communication and visual identity, there’s no doubt a look at this studio’s portfolio is going to be super inspiring. 

Thanks so much, Type Posters! For more type inspo, check out their Instagram.