The New Fonts Kicking off 2022 on Type Department

Looking for fresh new fonts in 2022? Type Department has you covered. Check out this selection of new fonts, crafted by independent type designers and carefully curated by us…

Ringift, a new font on Type Department in 2022.


New from Graptail Studio, Ringift is a modern, curvaceous serif font with a romantic feel. With elegant, classic shapes, this typeface merges smooth contemporary touches with a classic overall feel, making it a perfect choice when you’re looking for a refined yet unique look.

Nuova Volte, a new font on Type Department in 2022.

Nuova Volte

Designed by Alfredo Marco Pradil and created with Hanken Design Co., Nuova Volte might have you thinking it’s a plain old Jane, but observe closely, and you’ll see a wide variety of shapes, slanting and straight edges, and square titles. The line that cuts your letter “l” into a “t,” for example, is designed as a parallelogram—once placed next to an “f,” the two connect like missing puzzle pieces. There is so much to play within this stunning typeface. 

Boris, a new font on Type Department in 2022.


Designed by Anton Jegorov, Boris is a typeface that behaves more like a design detail than a typeface alone. Its high level of contrast and delicate hairlines deliver a bold, charismatic look, while maintaining excellent readability. This typeface would work as a striking choice for logotypes and identity projects.

Bogam, a new free font on Type Department in 2022.


Created by Bagerich Typeface Family, Bogam is an urban sans serif font that’s big & bold – perfect for creating headlines, ads, marketing & branding that stands out! It includes upper & lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and plenty of alternates & ligatures (and what’s more, it’s free!).

Yondu free font.


Another free font, Yondu is a monospaced, rounded display typeface by Marcello Della Puppa,  inspired by KODAK’s logo and one of Hmazali’s Y’s. Yondu is your classic BFG (Big Friendly Giant), great for bold headlines, titles, logos, posters and much more. Featuring an all uppercase character set, Yondu also includes stylistic alternates for K, M and L.

Ephidona font by Bagerich Type Foundry, available on Type Department.


Another stunning font from Bagerich Type Foundry, Ephidona is a high contrast serif typeface that features a mixed modern-classic design. Supporting Latin languages, numbers, stylistic altnerates, punctuation, and alternative ligatures, you can create unique logotypes, element layouts, magazine titles, and much more.

Gregias Serif Display on Type Department.

Gregias Serif Display

Gregias Serif Display is a new font from Usssual Studio with sharp, dynamic characters. Unique and elegant, this font is perfect for posters, logos, titles, and many other display-type scenarios.

Konexy, a new font on Type Department.


Designed by Varia Type, Konexy is a bold contemporary sans serif typeface inspired by trends in technology, automotive, and sports. Crafted to cater to a variety of design contexts, Konexy contains 324 glyphs and is rich in stylistic alternates, meaning it can easily be tailored to your specific needs. 

Queens Pro font, available on Type Department.

Queens Pro

Queens Pro is a modern, playful type family designed by Battle Fonts, the independent type foundry of Marco Battaglia. This type family is strongly influenced by humanist broad nib calligraphy and 1970’s popular type styles, and features five text weights and three display weights, all with matching italics.

Constant Display

Inspired by the lemniscate, the symbol for potential infinity, Constant Display is a modern and dynamic sans serif font designed by Will Hasleham. Glyphs can be extended to form connections with other glyphs, creating a subtle flow of movement across text.

Sanchester, a font from Parcœur Creative Studio, available on Type Department.


Sanchester is a unique, charismatic typeface from Parcœur Creative Studio. Surrounded by an aura of elegance and darkness, this font is inspired by the Romantic and Gothic movements, drawing on influences from films, paintings, and literature to express the mixture of melancholy and beauty that has lived in the minds of artists for centuries. With its unusual, unpredictable shapes and sophisticated design, this powerful typeface brings an intriguing edge to typography in a wide range of settings. 

Pestifero font by Simone Restifo Pilato, available on Type Department.


Pestifero is a contemporary humanist serif typeface created by Simone Restifo Pilato. Inspired by the nostalgic search for beauty in a post-pandemic world, Pestifero’s aesthetics link different times in history that were afflicted with similar troubles. Pestifero is not a historical documentation of type, but a contemporary font that freely follows the aesthetic values of classical typography, produced under a modern-day gaze.

Longinus typeface by Domenico Barreto, available on Type Department.


Longinus is an all uppercase display typeface inspired by the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion—its impactful intro and title cards that continue to be relevant 25 years later. Created by Domenico Barreto, Longinus works best for logos and impactful titles that need elegance and attitude.


Slash is a font inspired by Chinese calligraphy engravings on steles, constructed through sharp-edged, independent strokes which minimally intersect and collide to create letterforms. Created by Adrien Jacquemet, the font has no straight strokes and no solid stems. This creates a dancing irregularity when used as plain text or in titles, perfect for adding a vibrant rush of energy and movement to any project.


Onamura is an experimental serif font family designed by Balibilly Design, inspired by the gothic style of Romance decorative letters in transitional art in the Middle Ages. The rounded serifs combined with historically relevant letterforms create a harmonious, intriguing blend of shapes, while advanced OpenType features make it an adaptable, beautiful design tool.

Non Boek Display font by Non Foundry.

Non Boek Display

Non Boek Display, designed by Non Foundry, is a clear and expressive serif font. With characteristics of the classic Italian genre, the font has a contemporary aesthetic, perfect for printed headlines. The clear, stylistic composition that is best expressed in large sizes, making this a stunning choice in a variety of display settings.

Tonight Show, a font designed by Nurrontype and available on Type Department.

Tonight Show

This display font family, created by Nurrontype, is a font inspired by 70’s talk shows. Its letterforms give off a retro feel, with plenty of alternate and stylistic options. Tonight Show has a complete family pack of 12 fonts, ranging from light weights to extra black. 

Nautila Regular, a font designed by Daytona Mess available on Type Department.

Nautila Regular

Nautila Regular, designed by Daytona Mess, is an elegant serif typeface. This font’s beautifully balanced forms make it perfect for titles, sub titles, and body copy at slightly larger sizes. Additional language support and weights will be coming soon!

Noorge Karlos font, designed by Kulokale Studio, available on Type Department.

Noorge Karlos

Designed by Kulokale Studio, Noorge Karlos is a classy, stylish serif typeface coming in four styles: Regular, Oblique, Outline and Oblique Outline. The typeface’s stunning array of alternates makes it easy to craft a unique typographic voice, while its sophisticated, timeless design is balanced with unusual quirks that give it a decidedly contemporary feel.

Segment A, a new font available on Type Department.

Segment A

Segment A is a new font family designed by Max Kobuzan. With 18 styles, the typeface is inspired by condensed European grotesques of 19th-century, but with clear geometric proportions. Characters have oblique cuts, sharp tails and highly visible ink traps, giving the font an aggressive and edgy feel.

Rabbit Hole Display, a new font available on  Type Department.

Rabbit Hole Display

New from BOAFFF, Rabbit Hole Display is a playful new font that plays off the warped world of Alice in Wonderland’s Rabbit Hole. Twisted characters create a unique, decorative typeface, perfect for creating logotypes for magazine titles.

Buona Display – one of Type Department's new fonts in 2022.

Buona Display

Made for attention-grabbing display usage, Buona Display is a new font devised by Outfit. Inspired by the rich history and lineage of Italian type, Buona Display’s personality is bold and a little eccentric, showing off stand-out sophisticated details at large sizes and catching the eye in every setting.

Bumpy, a font by Beatrice Caciotti, available on Type Department.


Bumpy is a variable display font that explores the relationship between gender stereotypes and typefaces. Created by Beatrice Caciotti, it uses letters as a metaphor for individuals within a complex system, and variability as a means to tackle binary thinking. These ideas translate into a condensed typeface, embodying the sense of external pressure often experienced by individuals.

Faia, a font by Andrea Occhetta, available on Type Department.


Faia is a display typeface characterised by floral details and high contrast. Created by Andrea Occhetta, the font was inspired by folklore from Piedmont, a region in the north of Italy, whilst its name is a play on ‘faie,’ which refers to women and fairies in local folk stories. The shapes draw on Art Nouveau aesthetics, combined with a gentle, humanist structure. 

Sarcastic Nova

Created by Graptail Studio, Sarcastic Nova is a display font made by hand, inspired by classic posters. This font is perfect for creating a vintage feel, and is bound to spark tons of inspiration as soon as you lay eyes on it. Festive and nostalgic, this font is perfect for branding, cards and invitations, personal projects and more.

JT Olifer

New from Jolicia Type, JT Olifer is an unusual typeface designed by Laire Banyu Sandi Pawenang. With rounded details in the corners and deep ink traps, it creates a unique impression with every glyph while offering clarity and versatility across various settings. Offering 40 fonts in total, this typeface contains several alternates to give subtle nuances in character.

BD Megatoya, a new font from Balibilly Design.

BD Megatoya

Taking a geometric sans serif approach, BD Megatoya is designed with subtle details that bring a range of personalities. In some places, shapes are smooth and harmonious, while in others they’re harsh and boxy. Created by Balibilly Design, BD Megatoya is suitable for branding projects and many designs purposes, including advertising, posters, invitations, logos, magazines, merchandise, presentations, and more.

Chuten, a multipurpose display font by Bagerich Type Foundry, available on Type Department.


Another gorgeous new font from Bagerich Type Foundry, Chuten is a multipurpose display font that offers a mixture of modern and vintage vibes. Unique design features and wavy shapes make this font a perfect fit for branding and logotype projects, while its quirky personality is right at home across tons of different aesthetics.

DX Gaster, a font by Dirty Line, available on Type Department.

DX Gaster

Bold and elegant, DX Gaster is a stunning high contrast serif font family designed by Dirty Line. Coming with a wide range of combinations for users to play with, wrapped up in sophisticated, beautifully crafted design, DX Gaster’s features include multiple alternates and swashes, while extensive language support means the font can stretch across a variety of settings and platforms.

Raygun Grotesk, a font by New Tropical Design, available on Type Department.


Raygun Grotesk is a modern take on a Grotesk style typeface, created unlike any other. Designed by  New Tropical Design, this truly unique design fuses the features of a modern Grotesk with added contrast and selective serifs, creating a beautiful, memorable, daring display font.

Tannhäuser™, a font by Ruslan Abasov –available on Type Department.


Tannhäuser™ is a display typeface with high contrast, inspired by Richard Wagner’s romantic opera of the same name. Designed by Ruslan Abasov, this typeface is sensitive and unique, designed with delicate hairlines and a sophisticated structure. 

Transylvania, a font by Rémi Bordet, available on Type Department.


Transylvania is an experimental display font inspired by old school gothic Fraktur—a calligraphic hand related to Blackletter—reworked with a modern, slanted vibe. Created by Rémi Bordet, the font’s contextual ligatures and hairlines create high contrast and a steep slant for an overall angular, expressive feel; perfect for striking headlines and book titles.

Fleshy Font, a font by Rémi Bordet, available on Type Department.

Fleshy Font

Created by Rémi Bordet, Fleshy Font is a playful display typeface inspired by old school 70/80s display fonts and urban graffiti letters, reworked with a modern, experimental approach. Tight apertures minimise negative space to create ‘fleshy,’ high impact letters, while playful shapes create a fresh take on a retro classic. Fleshy Font is perfect for editorial layouts, poster designs, branding products, unique visual identities, and more.

ED Solar, a new font on Type Department created by Emyself Design.

ED Sonar

ED Solar is a beautiful, elegant font that pairs a classic italic script design with a clean and contemporary finish. Created by Emyself Design, ED Solar is equipped with a wide range of features including stylistic alternates, ligatures, and multilingual support.

Rigatoni font by Giulia Boggio, available on Type Department.


Rigatoni, created by Giulia Boggio, is a wide, extended grotesk typeface. Designed to look brutalist in all caps and quirky and mellow in the lowercase, Rigatoni is ideal for posters and web pages. The heavy weight of the characters is balanced by an alternate set of thin symbols and punctuation, while the loose design creates an overall friendly feel.

Margo + Beuys, a new typeface by Giulia Boggio.


Margo + Beuys is a one weight typeface sporting a retro look with edgy cuts and turns. Created by Giulia Boggio, it has a timeless feel without going too vintage, thanks to the contrasting thickness of the main body of the characters versus the thin arms, punctuation and symbols. 

Fabio XM, a new font by Giulia Boggio, available on Type Department.

Fabio XM

The best way to sum up Fabio XM is to say it’s a quirky, introverted typeface, with some unusual variations. It’s understated and intriguing, with a capacity for surprise peeking through its quiet, lowkey exterior. Designed by Giulia Boggio, this typeface is equipped with a range of weights and stylistic alternates.