NEXT Typeface for ESPN

Barcelonian Design Studio TwoPoints have once again executed an exceptional commission for ESPN Magazine, an American sports channel’s monthly publication. The project consisted of designing a font with two different widths for their NEXT section.

Since 1998, ESPN Magazine has been recognising a group of emerging athletes to watch for the year ahead, they call this selection NEXT. Below, Martin Lorenz, co-founder of TwoPoints, tells us how he interpreted the narrative of the new generation of sporting legends into a bold and exclusive typeface.

What inspired the design of NEXT for ESPN The Magazine? 

Martin: The aesthetics of the font were, at first, inspired by the ESPN logo. However, in the process, we recognised that the X could be made of two very abstract arrows, which could be used to represent the concept of NEXT. 

Can you tell us about some of the typefaces notable details and why you decided to create such a wide design?

M: We came up with the idea to design two monospaced fonts with two different widths because it gives the design team at ESPN more flexibility to play with the typography. 

Where will the typeface appear? 

M: The font will feature exclusively in ESPN Magazine. 

What is your most beloved thing about the process of designing a typeface?

M: I absolutely love drawing type. It just makes me happy to come up with surprising shapes and systems. On one hand, drawing type is like drawing shapes in an abstract wonderland, on the other hand, if the shapes result in something legible, it becomes this powerful tool that can be used to make significant identities and express messages at the same time. Although I prefer drawing display typefaces, I also very much enjoy the subtle details of text fonts. There is really no font I dislike. There is just boring and interesting, badly and well-applied type. 

Any more exciting type-focused projects in the pipeline that you can tell us about? 

M: As a small studio we are always behind with publishing new projects on our website. We still have to upload the visual identity we designed for this years Museums Night of Barcelona, the visual identity for the exhibition “Black Light” at the CCCB in Barcelona, the visual identity for the Center for Complexity at the Rhode Island School of Design, some fonts we developed for NIKE, a visual identity for an architecture symposium organised by the Curtin University in Australia, a visual identity for a bookstore in NYC and a couple of smaller projects we have been working on. But in terms of new work, I also hope to release the Dark Mofo identity soon. This was designed by the in-house team of Dark Mofo, for which I customised my TpDuro for them.

You can view the project and learn more about TwoPoints upcoming projects by visiting their website.