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Preorder Campaign Launch of TYPEONE Magazine, our New Biannual Publication

2020 has been a total whirlwind of upheaval and uncertainty, but if one thing is for sure, it’s that the incredible design community have continued to make it visually and conceptually breathtaking. From the influx in experimental serifs to the development of stunning new type systems, a ton of incredible, unique branding and identity projects to fun lockdown experiments; we’ve been loving the vast and varied creativity we’ve been seeing in design… And so, we’re so stoked to finally introduce you guys to our brand new magazine, TYPEONE.

Coming November 2020 and available for preorder now, this bi-annual gloss magazine – printed by Pressision Creative Print & Finishers and published by People of Print (In Perpetuum) – fuses type with some of the most important and current topics of today: business, technology, innovation, global and social issues, graphic design, 3D, animation and so many more… With these creative explorations led by our TYPE01 team and network of freelancers, TYPEONE Magazine spotlights a broad, inclusive scope of global talent to showcase the projects, campaigns and global-led initiatives emerging from the next generation of talented creatives all over the world. 

TYPEONE Magazine Spread
TYPEONE Magazine Spread | Left: Work by Diana Ferreira Right: And-Atelier Studio

Our publication will create a new, valuable source of creative information which is current and reliable. It will discuss and explore topics of type through the industry’s creative lenses and those who are making waves with their work. It will look to the future, supporting emerging and upcoming designers as well as the next generation of talent… 

TYPEONE Magazine — Contents Page
TYPEONE Magazine | Contents Page

Our debut issue, Issue 01, centres around type design through the lens of global issues in 2020 and excavates how type – and design as a whole – has played its part in sharing messages, amplifying voices and pushing for global change. Split into sections of Culture & Innovation / Interviews / Insights / Spotlights, we’ve been sourcing the most exciting shifts in design this year. We’ve also teamed up with Design Calendar to bring you a carefully curated selection of useful, engaging and up to date creative events and resources in our first issue, and we’ve got to say, we’re so incredibly excited to share this all with you… 

TYPEONE Magazine — Haftonia
TYPEONE Magazine | Hafontia
TYPEONE Magazine — The Designers making Waves in Arabic Type Design by Dr. Nadine Chahine
TYPEONE Magazine — New Spaces in Arabic Type Design by Dr. Nadine Chahine

So, as part of this special preorder campaign, we’ve been putting together a series of exclusive rewards for you to bag in addition to, or as part of, your magazine preorder. For one, you can snap up your preordered issue and have your name listed in the magazine, crediting you as one of our valued supporters. Other exclusive rewards include our stunning sticker packs; created in collaboration with our friends at GreyJam Press in Bristol. These beautiful stickers, including a limited edition, faded fluorescent TYPEONE sticker and two artists collabs with type foundry Pangram Pangram and type designer Morgane Vantorre. In response to the feature she was included in, Morgane created a ‘Serif Killer’ sticker set in her Arthemys Display Light font, whilst we secured the bold ‘WTF’ artwork set in Pangram Pangram’s Formula Condensed font, which will be produced as an awesome screen-printed holographic petrol sticker; all available with every purchase.

There’s also the chance to snatch up a stunning limited edition A5 print bundled with your TYPEONE preorder too. We teamed up Type Designer Emily Jing Sum Chang to bring you guys this beautiful A5 print, foiled by Foil&Co. Find the positive phrase ‘Beauty Comes from Unexpected Places’ set in Emily’s stunningly well-loved Acentis typeface.

TYPEONE Magazine — Annual Subscription
TYPEONE Magazine | Annual Subscription

And, for the chance to grab an exclusive limited time discount, we’ve put together a limited-time discounted bundle where you can grab a year’s worth of issues (2x) and our special sticker pack for just £20 + your standard shipping rate. Automatically get the newest issues sent to your door without having to lift a finger and benefit from the exclusive subscriber goodies we’ll be adding with each issue.

All of your preorder contributions through this exclusive campaign will go towards funding the writing and editing alongside the design, production, printing and distribution of the book. A final shout out goes to our wonderful partners and sponsors who have supported what we’ve done over the past year as a company and this fabulous new magazine project!

Studio Nari, Gradient Type, The Designer’s Foundry, CoType™ Foundry, Production Type, TYPE.TODAY, Nova Type Foundry, Blaze Type.

Print is permanent. And we want create a physical archive of the most exciting type-based projects and spotlight this incredible, somewhat niche facet of design; supporting the next generation an inspiring the creative masses. We seriously can’t wait.

I want the first issue.

UPDATE: In 72 Hours we’re 58% funded! HUGE thank you to everyone who has got their hands on the first issue and all the other goodies that come with it. We’re getting close to reaching our goal!

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