Announce the Expansion of their Beloved Display Serif Font ALT ClaraMaria into a Five-Weight Family

In an exciting development,, a type foundry dedicated to enhancing diversity within the type design industry, has expanded its display serif ALT MariaClara typeface into a cohesive font family that is as dynamic as it is beautiful. Named after Maria Clara—a colonial figure from Filipino literature who symbolises conservative demureness—ALT MariaClara is a font that is dedicated to challenging stereotypes, and championing the powerful Filipina women who are reclaiming their identities. This typeface, designed by Manila-based graphic designer Alli Cunanan, draws inspiration from the visual history of the Philippines, culminating in a font with sharp, intricate details and eye-catching chiselled serifs.

ALT Maria Clara Expanded Font Family

Originally launched as a single weight (originally called Regular, but now positioned as the Light), ALT MariaClara now features five distinct weights: Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold, and Bold. The four new bolder weights developed with the assistance of London-based designer, and Creative Director of Giulia Boggio retain the typeface’s intricate details while boasting pronounced forms. This balanced design approach remains true to Cunanan’s original vision—creating a striking display font built on reclamation and empowerment.

The expansion of ALT MariaClara brings several exciting features. In addition to the four new styles, the font family now includes an expanded glyph set with full Latin language support and diacritics, significantly enhancing its versatility and adaptability across 44 languages. Ligature support is introduced, providing captivating visual solutions that uphold the typeface’s core spirit. Moreover, the enhancement of (some) outlines through redrawing and refinement boosts the font’s overall aesthetic appeal and legibility.

ALT Maria Clara, a striking and sophisticated display typeface, and its extended roster of weights can bring formality and power to any project. In design applications, the delicate lines and fluid curves of the lighter weights convey timeless elegance, making them excellent choices for applications in high-end branding and design. The heavier weights, meanwhile, exude an unwavering confidence, ideal for communicating strong messages, particularly in editorial contexts. Whether used in the decorative folds of luxury packaging or the eye-catching canvas of a book’s cover design, ALT Maria Clara adds a touch of class and a hint of opulence, catering to projects that call for a refined aesthetic.

ALT Maria Clara Expanded Font Family

Licensing for this type family is available through’s value-based licensing model, where prices are based on the total number of people working for the client. This structure extends to all clients, regardless of their chosen design agency’s size or the number of font users. This includes design agencies, studios, and subcontractors who are protected under Third Party coverage. The foundry also offers an array of licences, each designed to cater to the diverse requirements of designers and their clients – spanning from brand marks and logos to personal or non-profit applications.

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