David Mascha’s Typographic Explorations + Collaborations with Pressink

Vienna-based artist and designer, David Mascha (@davidmascha), works across illustration, typography, photography, printmaking and everything in between. The designer’s typography work feels enriched by his multidisciplinary practice and whilst extremely varied, you can rely on his pieces to be consistently bold, well crafted and refined. Outside of personal, self-initiated art projects and collaborations, David has worked for over 10 years with top advertising agencies for leading brands all over the world.

Thanks to the 36 Days of Type (@36daysoftype) challenge, the designer has recently been learning new tricks in Adobe Illustrator and delving deeper into typographic art, through a collection of explorative type works. ‘After learning a bunch of new things and techniques in Illustrator during the 36 Days of Type challenge, I started to focus a little more on blends and brushes combined with type’, David explains, adding ‘currently, I am working on two alphabets using the multiple lines effect I started to develop in Illustrator’. David’s type experiments have gained recognition elsewhere too, as the designer tells us, ‘I also joined the Goodtype Tuesday challenge (@goodtype), where my ‘Say Yes’ piece was featured, which brought a little buzz to my account.’

David’s stunning multiple lines effect can be seen in his current series of 8’s work, which explores the flow of the number through textural, geometrical explorations of form. ‘It’s my favourite number because of its symmetry and simplicity’, he explains.

Another exciting project of David’s is his collaboration with Pressink. Run by his girlfriend in Bratislava, the letterpress studio collaborated with David on a series of high quality handmade letterpress prints; ranging from typography to geometric and Op Art inspired designs. ‘Now is the Right Time’  was the first design of the series, upon which David comments, ‘to me it means living ‘here and now’, if you‘re thinking about doing something, now is the time for it!’  They are currently working on new additions to the series, which will soon be available through David’s online shop.

We also particularly loved David’s 36 Days of Type project, on which the artists shared: ‘Joining the 36 days of type challenge helped me a lot to get back into my creative groove and also timing was perfect, right before corona started to hit. Creating something new everyday, pushing boundaries, and experimenting with new and different styles was a great, challenging experience and kept me sane during lockdown. I was working in a couple directions such as, 3D, isometric, Op Art and blend effects mainly in illustrator, but still trying to maintain a certain aesthetic that can be seen throughout the whole series. I didn’t want to limit myself to just one particular style, it was more about having the freedom to do whatever came to my mind each day.’

Thanks, David! To see more of David’s work, check out his website and Instagram.