Vera Type

3D Type & Lettering by Vera Drmanovski

Paper Lettering Artist, Vera Drmanovski, creates 3D, handmade and three-dimensional paper lettering designs, often paired with stop motion animation, from her base in Toronto, Canada.

Vera’s work is beautifully letter-centric, featuring bright colours, bold shapes, decorative details and layers. She works with both traditional and digital mediums in order to find the perfect creative solution for her clients, but her signature medium is paper lettering. “Paper medium allows me to create three-dimensional designs that have a natural perception of depth that adds to the overall accessibility of the design” explains the designer on her creative process. 

Like any form of design, paper lettering can be used and applied in multiple ways; book and album covers, posters, greeting cards, advertising, social media posts, branding, editorial, event installations and more. The handcrafted technique involved in paper lettering provides an organic and unique aesthetic, often inviting the audience to interact with it, presenting an illusion of 3D space. 

With over 10 years of experience working in the creative industry, Vera has been exposed to many different areas of design; from traditional graphic design and art direction to multimedia projects for events. “Combining all that knowledge and experience allows me to explore many creative possibilities when executing my lettering projects” she describes. During the day she works as a full-time Art Director, and during evenings and weekends, Vera works on building her freelance lettering business.

As a big believer in “self-education and self-betterment through self-initiated projects”, her paper lettering is evidently a product of her passions. Vera has produced two large passion projects that have elevated her lettering skills and shaped her voice as an artist: ArtWord of the Week; a collection of 70 beautifully illustrated uncommon English words, and Totally Nuts Paper Cuts; a series of paper lettering posters that shaped her voice as an artist.  Her work has also been shown at the typographic exhibition Swash & Serif Toronto in 2018 and 2019 and was published in a Typism book 5 in 2019.