5 Online Calligraphy Events Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face

Whether you’re looking to dip your toes into calligraphy, polish your existing skills, or simply pick up a new hobby, these calligraphy-based workshops and events are a great place to start. From learning about the history of the artform to practising your brushwork, understanding calligraphic styles to learning about a new script, there’s an online event for everything.

Image: https://letterformarchive.org/events/view/a-script-that-pleases-the-eye

Letterform Archive – A Script That Pleases The Eye with Iyad Naja

This online lecture—delivered by Iyad Naja and Letterform Archive, co-presented by San Francisco Public Library—invites participants to explore the three-dimensional possibilities of Arabic calligraphy. Its aim is to inspire attendees to understand the potential of Arabic calligraphy in modern design settings, and it’s set to deliver a ton of fresh, exciting ideas. Led by Lebanese Multidisciplinary Artist and Designer Iyad Naja, this lecture has been put together by expert hands. This event will take place on the 22nd of June, 2021.

Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/calligraphy-arts/with/29603023941/

Calligraphy Arts – Online Brush Calligraphy with Jane Lappage

Jane Lappage has been studying calligraphy since 2005, and now delivers a range of workshops via zoom. This brush calligraphy workshop is perfect both for the calligraphy novice and those with more experience. This workshop will guide you through creating stunning calligraphy with a brush and ink (rather than a dip pen), and give you the tools to start polishing your skills independently. This event will take place on the 24th of April, but there are many other alternative dates and workshops available.

Image: https://www.nohoh.net

Mindful Japanese Calligraphy for Beginners with Nohoh (乃鳳)

Nohoh is a Japanese calligraphy (SHODO) teacher who has been living in Europe for 15 years. Having designed her own method for teaching Shodo, called the Nohoh-method, she creates online courses to help people with no prior knowledge of the Japanese language to learn this stunning artform. From beginner levels to more advanced stages, her courses offer a friendly, relaxed environment.

Image: https://www.wildseacalligraphy.com/modern-calligraphy-workshops/improvers-modern-calligraphy

Wild Sea Calligraphy – Improvers Modern Calligraphy Online Tutorial

Ran by the Author of The Calligraphy Ideas Book, Lyndsey Gribble, Wild Sea Calligraphy offers a range of online workshops to introduce participants to modern calligraphy or to help them brush up on their existing skills. This particular course is aimed at those with some modern calligraphy experience, however Lyndsey offers a ton of incredible courses to people at all stages.

Image: https://www.themoderncalligraphyco.com/events-3/beginners-copperplate-evening-live-stream-1

The Modern Calligraphy Co. – Beginners Copperplate Evening Live Stream

If you’re interested in getting into Copperplate calligraphy, The Modern Calligraphy Co. have you covered. In this online event, taking place on the 22nd of April, participants will be taken through ‘creating elegant letterforms, where and how to add flourishes, ways of lining up your work as well as using different grid guides.’ After the workshop, the website states, ‘you will receive a Copperplate Capitals Alphabet which you can use after you’ve finished the workshop, perfect for creating your own Monograms.’ The Modern Calligraphy Co. also offer a wide range of other calligraphy courses, so it’s worth having look through what they offer!