Devotees to Brand Workflow Improvement, Brandpad Launch Their Two New Services

Time is a valuable asset in the creative industries. Whether you’re a busy freelancer on a tight deadline, or a recent graduate raring to get your work out into the world, it feels like there’s never quite enough of it. Designers already have a mountain of work to deal with. And sadly, AI can’t design client work for us just yet. 

Brandpad was initially designed as a solution to a problem: how can we make digital brand guidelines as seamless and streamlined as possible? The team behind the platform – where designers can create, deliver, and maintain brand identities – has always been dedicated to making designers’ and clients’ lives easier. It comes as no surprise that the founders are designers and developers; problem-solvers at heart. They summarise their company as “brand consistency simplified,” from initial guidelines to roll-out and beyond.

As a cloud-based platform that allows everyone to update, it is perfect for remote teams, freelancers, and clients alike. Their flexible system proves that, in contrast to static PDFs, online tools are here to stay. No late-night emails and no last-minute amendments. No need to reshare documents; it’s all right there online. 

The good news is, you don’t need a decade of design experience to use it either. Having heavily focused on ease-of-use and UX during their beta-testing days, Brandpad pays meticulous attention to creating the smoothest and most intuitive experience. This means that you don’t need to take an expensive online course to understand the features. Likewise, designers (and non-designers) of any skill level can develop professional, high-quality, and visually appealing branding material.  

The best thing? The amount of time and money you save. If you’re an individual practice or part of a smaller team, it can really feel like you’re being stretched thin, which in turn contributes to overtime or burnout. With Brandpad dealing with some of that minutiae, you can either enjoy some extra creativity time or simply kick back, end of. 

Following their initial launch in 2017, the team at Brandpad has never stopped questioning how they can improve their services. From their day-to-day experiences, they are all too familiar with the problems that can arise when creating, sending, and updating digital brand guidelines. Two of their newest services, Brand Management and Bespoke, Make it Yours™, may be the long-awaited tools that will upgrade your work life. And we are delighted to tell you more about them.

Brand Management

When brands and companies reach the tipping point of medium-scale to large-scale, everything gets a little bit more complicated. Brandpad understands the interwoven synchronicity of workflow, particularly for a digitally focused industry such as branding. Up until recently, they have prioritised smaller and medium brands. Now they want to cater to the bigger ones, too. 

When working with a lot of people on a branding project, there’s always the chance of things flying under the radar. Noticing this, Brandpad observed the friction points within larger and fast-paced companies and spotted — within their giant and complex projects — certain tasks (such as post-delivery amendments) could be a logistical nightmare, eventually snowballing into unnecessary stress for everyone involved. 

In collaboration with Norwegian company and brand activation tool Papirfly, Brandpad have launched its Brand Management solution. In contrast to their other services, Brand Management is specifically aimed at managing brand activation for large brands, with multiple teams and partners involved. As such, the platform is customisable and centralised, cutting out surplus correspondence (everything you need is in one place) whilst allowing users to tailor everything to their specific needs — from team workflows to sign-offs. In the name of streamlining, automation tools are also available, taking those time-consuming and repetitive tasks off of your plate. 

The end result is better brand consistency and an improved overall activation experience for everyone involved. Brand Management’s offerings extend beyond the activation itself. Companies can gain valuable insights into the success of an activation thanks to reporting and analytics. 

Brandpad Bespoke — Make it yours™

No surprises here, ‘Bespoke, Make it Yours™’ is all about crafting custom, tailored-for-you solutions. And the recently-upgraded service provides the full capacity of Brandpad’s platform, allowing studios to imbue their own flavour into interactive brand guidelines. With Brandpad’s own branding removed, users can upload their own designs and create something entirely flexible and personalised – reflecting the style and spirit of the user or client. Unlimited guidelines, alongside unlimited editors, equals unlimited options. In addition to the digital features, Make it Yours offers fast turnaround times and generous pricing. The user-friendly interface and high-quality outputs, both signatures of Brandpad, guarantee an easy way to create custom solutions that you and your client will love. 

As continuous devotees to workflow improvement, there’s still plenty from Brandpad to look forward to. And we eagerly await their latest services or upgrades. If you’re interested in learning more, or would like to try out the services yourself, head over to Brandpad’s website and find out what they can do for you.

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