Segment B, A New Typeface Family Perfect For Powerful Headlines

Segment B is a new typeface family coming from Kyiv-based designer Maksym Kobuzan. Now available through Type Department, this stunning family arrives with font families Segment B Condensed, Segment B Narrow and Segment B Key.

Segment B Typeface - Condensed Style

This powerful display type family has 18 styles and is inspired by the condensed European grotesques of the 19th-century. Each of the font families within the the typeface comes in six weights, allowing users a huge amount of creative control and diversity.

Segment B Typeface - Narrow Style
Segment B Typeface
Segment B Typeface - Narrow

Segment B has narrow proportions, a distinctive character, high-quality outlines and lots of careful details. Characters have oblique cuts, sharp tails and visible ink traps while the huge x-height and short ascenders and descenders allow this typeface to be used in blocks with minimal line spacing—perfect for powerful headlines.

Segment B Typeface - Key

From Condensed to Narrow to Key, Segment B maintains a sharp, taught tension between characters, from highly condensed styles in Condensed and Narrow, to a slightly more relaxed set in Key. Equipped with support for 210+ languages, including an Extended Latin set alongside Cyrillic Basic + Bulgarian letters, Segment B comes with a wide range of Open Type features and tons of possibilities.

Segment B Typeface - Condensed
Segment B Typeface

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