Diaspora, the New Font Inspired by Italian Immigration to Scotland 1880-1920

We’re super stoked to announce the release of the brand new display font, Diaspora Regular over at Type Department. Inspired by Italian immigration to Scotland between 1880 and 1920, Diaspora pays homage to the persona of Scots-Italian communities and their encapsulation of characteristics from both cultures; expressing the hybrid identities of Italians who immigrated to Scotland. 

Created by the duo behind GoodEggsType Foundry, Apolline de Luca and Alessandro Prepi Sot as their debut typeface release, Diaspora feels incredibly sophisticated, conceptually insightful and masterfully well crafted.

The display fonts concept is translated into its multilayered construction, which includes the addition of seven alternatives for the letters A, E, M, N, T, U, V and W. ‘To underline the concept of immigration by the means of type-design,’ Diaspora’s creators explain, ‘the traditional and iconic aspects of lettering from both countries are emphasised’… 

‘While having their own characteristics, Diaspora’s letters are designed on a single basic structure, helping to create a harmonious set. Each user can develop their own identity of the font using alternates. The font offers the possibility to create a typically Roman or Gaelic text style, or to create a hybrid text that sees both cultures coexist’. 

With a total glyphset of 306 and OpenType features including uppercase, lowercase, punctuation & symbols, diacritics and stylistic set 1 with 7 alternates, Diaspora is a stunning addition to your font library; offering a rich set of visual and cultural references at the core of its foundation. Head over to Type Department to check it out now!