Grotta: Aiming to Represent the Constant State of Evolution & Flux in the Contemporary World

We’re excited to announce the arrival of Due Studio’s Grotta – a brand new addition over at our marketplace, Type Department.

Founded by Alessio Pompadura and Massimiliano Vitti, Due Studio is a graphic design studio based in Perugia, Italy creating work surrounding typography, graphic design, print, editorial and visual identity.

Grotta is an is an ‘Irreverent and contemporary neo-Grotesk typeface’ featuring ‘strong geometric accents and sharp contrasts in its form’. Filled with tight apertures and finished with elegant kerning, Grotta‘s presence is direct and dynamic; sturdy yet artful. ‘It is our interpretation of the 21st-century Grotesk‘, the collective add, ‘Exuberant, irruptive, and of course winking at typefaces from the past such as Venus-Grotesk and Monotype Grotesque‘.

Aiming to represent the constant state of evolution and flux in the contemporary world, Grotta features a total glyph set of 599, Latin Extended-A, contextual alternates, case-sensitive forms, ligatures, fractions, localized forms and stylistic alternates. To get your hands on Grotta, head over to Type Department now!