Inspired by Club Culture with the Future in Mind, Night Variable Display Font

Through nine weight styles, Night Variable Display is an extensive variable font which manifests an exciting future for the visual side of club culture. Created by OFFICIAL Studio, the independent studio of Steven Allen, Night is a font which interacts with other visual and audio elements to elevate the atmosphere in any space.

Night Variable Display Font 'N'
Night Variable Display Font

Night can be linked up to sound and lighting technology, meaning that logotypes and graphics created with the font can be enlivened into a whole new realm. This means visual identities and logotypes created with Night can be brought alive at events, for example, allowing the typography to shine through.

Night Variable Display Font - 9 Weight styles
Night Variable Display For 'Make Some Noise'
Night Variable Display Font - 9 Weight Styles

Night has a minimal structure with each glyph designed around shapes and lines all adhering to the same grid. This means Night makes a strong, bold typographic statement, perfect for brands looking for a font to carry them through to the future and set them apart in the market. The font’s nine weights plus variable features also mean Night offers tons of flexibility for deigning across different levels, whilst being supported by punctuation and symbols in body copy settings.

Night Variable Display Font Design
Night Variable Display Font Poster
Night Variable Display Font - Nine Weights

Night is redefining our understanding of what typography can mean to a brand. It offers the tools to create a bold, defining statement alongside the ability to flex across styles and inhabit new dimensions. To see more, check out Type Department.