Introducing A New Type Foundry Founded by Femme Type

Born with the purpose of partnering with type designers from backgrounds under-represented within the industry, (@alt__tf) is a brand new type foundry accompanied by an international array of contemporary creative power. Type Foundry

Founded by our sister brand Femme Type, whose mission is to champion and uplift the creative type work of women worldwide, we ask Founder Amber why she decided to add another foundry to the mix of the current industry landscape.

Amber: I know what some of you may be thinking. Really? Not another foundry. As easy as it could be to launch a foundry purely based on our love of type design, has its own important purpose that will pave a permanent path to change. After almost 3 years of research, enlightenment, and discovery, we realised that our journey at Femme Type was only just beginning. Whilst we have celebrated the work of hundreds of type designers, graphic designers, motion designers, art directors, creative directors, and more (including initiatives with similar goals), the ethnic diversity within typeface design is still not up to standard.

Using our knowledge, experience, and community, we wanted to create something that would permanently tackle this issue, to create something that would have a lasting change on our history’s timeline of typefaces – to make it a more diverse one. 

The Foundry’s Purpose

So, we’re delighted to introduce, a type foundry that specifically partners with designers from under-represented backgrounds to create unique, forward-thinking typefaces fit for purpose; optimised for both digital and printed spaces. Injecting each letter form with as much brazen passion as the last, we are established to present typefaces from voices under-represented in the type design scene.

Accompanying our foundry’s purpose, not only are we investing in the designers we work with to champion the craft, and celebrate the rich dynamic the talent brings to the type scene as a whole, but also utilising each release as a way to tell important, inspiring stories through type. 

ALT MariaClara Font Release

Over the past 12 months, we’ve been working with Philipino type and graphic designer Alli Cunanan on our foundry’s first font release and we couldn’t be excited to share it with you!

ALT MariaClara is a modern serif display font dedicated to the strong, confident, brave Filipina women who are breaking away from stereotypes and owning their identities. Named after Maria Clara, a fictional Filipina character in Noli me Tángere, a novel written by Jóse Rizal in 1886 during the Spanish colonisation of the Philippines, she became a colonial figure— an embodiment of submissive, conservative demureness, a myth that allowed Spanish colonisers to continue to subjugate Filipina women— ALT MariaClara flips the narrative. Type Foundry

Filipina Women of Today

“Modern Filipina women of today are stronger and braver than ever. They oppose restrictions set by society that cages them within the expectations of what a woman should be or how she should behave.” — Alli Cunanan

Alli’s vision, through spotlighting inspiring women, such as Hidilyn Diaz (weightlifter and 1st Filipino to ever win an Olympic gold medal), Marilyn Didal (Filipina professional skateboarder who won a gold medal in the 2018 Asian games), Pia Wurtbacj (3rd Filipino to win the Miss Universe competition), aimed to break down any predisposed stereotypes that could be imposed when looking at the typeface’s design. Drawing inspiration from Filipino historical visual cues including stamps, postcards, and posters, incorporating sharp, intricate details, ALT MariaClara is a refined, striking display font built on a story of reclamation and empowerment. Type Foundry Type Foundry Typographic Poster Brief

To celebrate the launch of, we commissioned four Filipino creatives to produce a series of typographic posters inspired by the ALT MariaClara typeface concept. Featured posters include works by Jo Malinis, Kookie Santos, Gian Wong, and Choe Sison Type Foundry

Test It out is now live!

Test out ALT MaraiaClara live on screen here and be one of the first to get 99% off an inclusive, lifetime license, with free updates for life!
Alt MariaClara Font
Type Designer: Alli Cunanan

Lastly, a huge shout-out to Alli for her amazing work!