The New Variable Sans Merging Curvy Counters With Animation Features

Offering a huge diversity of character between its different weights, Resina is new variable font equipped with 333 glyphs and 7 weights, available in OTF, TTF and all web font formats. Created by Motion and Graphic Designer Simon Bodin-Joyeux, Resina’s minimal counters and tight apertures in the heavier weights bring a loud, graphic impact.

Resina Variable Sans Display
Resina variable sans display symbols.

Simon created Resina to reveal issues surrounding global warming, and comment on the relations between human beings, nature and climate change. So, merged with gentle curves, Resina has an organic feel throughout all of its weights; meaning it’s the perfect sans for bold headlines and mid-length texts aiming to creating a warm, approachable feel.

Resina Variable Sans Display.
Resina Variable Sans Display Extralight

Additionally, Resina comes with a version in Open Type Variable to allow users to animate the font; which feels fitting due to the designer’s background in motion design. This also massively compliments the gentle curves in the counters/apertures which, even alone, conjure up a sense of movement throughout the glyphs.

Resina Variable Sans Display 'N' detail.

As the first project of its kind from the motion and graphic designer, this is such as impressive debut typeface – and what’s more, it’s free! To see more, check out Type Department.