Soapopera – a Daring and Experimental New Font

German multidisciplinary designer, Marinus Klinksik, is the creator of the newly released all Caps font, Soapopera. Daring and experimental, Soapopera is ‘expressive’ and takes on an unusual form ‘based on contextual substitutions‘.

The defining quality of the font is its continuity. Each glyph has an alternative counterpart, resulting in ‘an automatically generated continuous alternation between 50-degree and 130-degree elements’. In this way, Soapopera is a system in itself – a carefully calculated series of elements which slot together to create a closed typeface; affording an entirely unique visual impact.

The interactions between glyphs are meticulously well crafted, creating a sleek, futuristic feel, whilst elements of the structure mirror aspects of pixel fonts and even calligraphic and engraving qualities.

Woven into the fabric of this design is an intrinsically unique presence. Suited to a wide range of display purposes, this typeface brings an intriguing, impactful aesthetic; and with a set of 255 glyphs and contextual substitutions, it supports 28 Latin languages.

To find out more about Soapopera, visit Type Department.