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60KILOS | Belle de Mai

Newly released on Type Department, Belle de Mai is a variable display typeface created by southern Spain-based graphic design student, 60KILOS (also known as Sesenta Kilos). Fascinated by typography, 60KILIOS conceptualised Belle de Mai inspired by culture shocks between expensive,…

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Arthemy’s Ver.2 Update

We’re super excited to introduce this shiny new update for Morgane Vantorre’s much loved, delicate-meets-majestic display typeface, Arthemys. Based in Pairs, Morgane is a graphic and type designer whose work is pretty breathtaking. Not only are her typefaces stunning, but…

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Trud Type

Newly released on Type Department, Trud Type is a multi-script typeface created by type designer, Ivan Tsanko (@ivantsankoo).  Based in Kiev, Ukraine, Ivan works as a type, UX and graphic designer and has created a number of stunning, multi-script fonts…

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